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About this project

Gaddis Gaming is proud to announce that we will be the producer of 28mm WWII Miniatures. We have acquired over 800 individual molds that can begin casting to make us the manufacturer of 28mm metal figures for WWII gaming. Gaddis Gaming, based in Detroit MI, also produced the successful TableTopper in 2015. We have decided to build on the success of our TableToppers and Out-Of-Play-Zones (OOPZ) by expanding into 28mm Miniatures with the first range being the six major nations of the WWII, including Italians.

The entire range will start through KICKSTARTER, which will see enough funds raised to start casting from the molds we have already acquired. After this we will continue to develop even more figures for Weird WWII, a favorite genre of ours here at Gaddis Gaming, (we have almost finished the concept drawings for that figure line).

We have our own casting facilities and enjoy established and productive relationships with figure sculptors at Battle Honors right here in the US. We will produce new lines as demand dictates, as well as Infantry figures. We will also produce artillery/mortar figures.

Gaddis Gaming is looking forward to your support. Look below for the pledge level that you feel comfortable with and get the minis you want for your MiniWarRoom.




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Sounds like this is a re-boot of an existing or OOP range


(which is not a bad thing for a KS, just owning the moulds/production rights doesn't mean the company can afford to produce them all)


but does anybody know what range (or ranges) are represented?


Looks like Battlehonours to me, the Italians in the photo on the KS page are the same as I have on my painting table. The US and Soviet figures look familiar as well. Seems odd because you can order Battlehonours figures from Oldglory15s.com and for less money ($17 for 10 figs vs $25 for 10 figs through the KS), I just got a bunch of packs from them about 2 months ago.

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they say they have "aquired the molds" and have posted pics of stacks and stacks of molds. 


Doesn't mean any of it is true, but one likes to think that if all they were going to do was resell they would not have been writing about making more to fill out the ranges

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With a name to look for it seems that Battle Honours range was most recently with UK company that closed down/split up/etc some time in 2014, with old glory supplying their stuff in the US (a tmp post suggest old glory may own the US rights to the range and was certainly able to keep supplying them to the US market.


The new owner in the UK Ebor miniatures was intending to sell the range under the kitney miniatures brand but as far as I can tell they've only got a very few Japanese & US minis available of what was a much larger range of WWII stuff from Battle Honours so it might well be this bit of the range has been sold on

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