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So....who is going?


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if you do the math that's only 60 spots for painting classes and about twice that many people at the con


The number is actually 40-50, not 60. 10 classes with 4-5 people each. ::(:


They way I figure it is that while there are 125 spots open for the Con (or there-abouts, my memory might be off a bit), that is for all people - men, women, & childeren. So not all 125 people will be there to take Master Painting classes.

Second, some people will be there to take sculpting classes instead, or play Warlord & CAV.


For me to pay to fly my brother & I down and stay in a hotel for 3 nights (add food and misc expenses and I'm pushing $1000), just so I can take a single 2 hour class, it just doesn't add up. Heck, I could just pay Ann $1000 to fly up here and teach me 1-on-1 for a whole weekend, I'll bet! :lol:


Anyway, I guess we'll just wait and see.


Hey Kit, any idea how you guys plan to handle 125 people each wanting multiple classes, but only 40-50 painting seats total at the con? (10 classes x 4-5 people/class)???

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Well I just bought my ticket, and of course forgot to put in a T-shirt size. :blink: Is there a way that can be remedied? I'd appreciate it sooo very much.


Anyhow, Looks like I'll be going now too.


How does the class registration thing work? Really really want in on a sculpting class. lol! I am just a flippin dunce about this thing, guys. I shouldn't have let my spouse talk me into this.:wacko:


I'm really scared of driving down in Texas. Unless I can bring some snow with me. Then I'd feel at home.

Uh well. There ya go.


I'm there!





{edit} Yeah okay I just went back and checked. Guess I'll just have to be patient about the classes sign-up. :)

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