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Gloaming Forge Metal Gaming Dice


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About this project

We love gaming!  

The time spent with friends and the stories and memories that come from gaming are some of our best.  We also love dice...who wouldn't?  They might as well be the currency for fun.  With that in mind we set out to create our own currency of dice in our favorite medium...Metal.  We wanted to offer nice sets of high quality metal dice that won't break the bank.  With our shop's ability to produce precision metal parts quickly and efficiently, we are just the right guys for the job.  After a few months of programming and prototyping we have some products that will fit the bill.  We are all very excited about getting our dice out to the public and we hope you like them as much as we do.  

What's it all for? 

We will use the money earned in this campaign to purchase milling tools for a CNC milling maching that is capable of machining dice from materials such as steel, brass, aluminium, and copper.  


The benefit for you, the backer, is that a CNC mill can produce these items in a matter of minutes, which will ensure that you will receive a precision crafted product in an extremely timely manner.  Now you may say to yourself...I've seen metal dice on kickstarter before and they took forever to get to me.  This is very likely due to those campaigns having to send their dice out to be milled or logistical errors in production.  We have the benefit of being able to do all of our milling here in our shop and since we own our business and the machines, we don't have to worry about being on someone else's time table.

Another portion of the money earned in this campaign will go towards purchasing materials to make the product and the packaging for shipping your dice safely to your home or business.  We also want to work on growing this business with new tools and designs so that we can make designing and producing exciting new gaming accessories our full time job.

After our first goal is reached for the Mithril set of aluminium dice, we will have some stretch goals to get the funds necessary to purchase anodizing equipment so we can offer anodized colors on our aluminium dice.  We will also be offering goals for dice in several different metals.  We have got the prototypes done and they are looking pretty great.  Here's a sneak peak at some of the other metals in production.


 We are really looking forward to getting to make all these dice for you, and if we can get the funds to do all these we have some more ideas that we would like to offer as well :)



Stretch Goals

Anodizing of Mithril Aluminium Set   $8000

Paladin's Resolve Stainless and Dragon's Gold Set   $10,000 

Druidic Bronze and Dwarven Cast Iron Sets   $25,000

Ethereal Copper Set   $50,000

Gloaming Forge Leather Padded Dice Tray   $75,000

Handmade Leather Dice Bags   $100,000

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