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Stonehaven Dwarf Berserker


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Another player is joining our group. He wants to play a dwarven fighter based on Athrogate. Unfortunately, the one mini based on him isn't the greatest looking figure, and it's using the wrong weapons. In the Drizzt books Athrogate dual wields flail-type morning stars, with long adamantine chains. Cracker and Whacker are famous enough to have their own entry in the Forgotten Realms Wiki: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Cracker_and_Whacker


The mini however, has small, mace-style morning stars. It's an easy mistake to make, since Athrogate is wielding the mace style morning stars on a book cover. I searched for a suitable mini, but couldn't find one. I even considered modding a mini, but it would be tough to find a suitable mini for a weapon swap, as spiked chains would be held very differently than most dual wielded weapons and the pose would probably look off. However, while I was looking through the dual wielding dwarves I have I found this guy from the first Stonehaven kickstarter, who definitely has the attitude of the ancient ornery dwarf:


I had actually started this mini a LONG time ago. The stonehaven dwarves were the first mini ks I backed, so I started him with some others, but quit on him after base coating and painting his flesh. At the time, I never even noticed he was shirtless.


Since he is a berserker, he is not wearing much clothes. However, as he is representing a fighter, I painted the skin a brownish red, so it could conceivably be a shirt over armour. He still looks kind of shirtless though, thanks to the ruddy colour and the very visible muscles.


He is obviously using axes, but he is at least wielding a couple large weapons.




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