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April 2016 Hobby/Painting Goals

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Still a slim chance I might get something started this weekend, not holding my breath. Start vacation tomorrow and it's going to be super busy, between spring stuff in the yard/house and going out to do stuff. Really looking forward to a lecture on Rembrandt's etchings at the Arkell this weekend! The etchings are there!


If you live in/visit upstate NY, get to the Arkell at some point, just for the massive reproduction of the nightwatch. It's amazing (and huge!).

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This month, my goals are:

  • Paint up a display quality commission piece - DONE! Shipping April 29th!
  • Paint up an High Elf Ranger for my new PC
  • Paint up a wolf companion for my new Ranger
  • Work on Dynamic Lenore, with floating base - This has morphed into a vignette with a secondary figure and a sculpted tree, I'd like to finish this month.
  • Work on an exchange that I'm doing on the side.
  • Work on another Vignette that will feature a chase - Figure is scheduled to arrive today (March 31st)
  • Paint Toad Form for party druid - will get to it later in the month if I can
  • Paint Dire Boar Form for party druid - will get to it later in the month if I can
  • Paint up giant spider for party druid - will get to it later in the month if I can


Updated a bit, looks like I'm getting the commission piece done this month and I'll see about speed painting a couple things over the next couple days to try to get 3-4 out for the month.

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Let's see, really need to reorganize my desk so I can see what I have to work with/on!

  • more terrain (currently "Portal")
  • probably definitely a Chaplain for the Luna Wolves army I'm working on (for Dakka contest)
  • five more space marines for same (for MWG deathmatch and y'know, my army)
  • next wyrd Iron Painter model ("Better of (Un)Dead)" - I'm doing a small scene with 3 canine remains)
  • a Skaven Assassin (for the UnderEmpire painting competition)
  •  work on my son's army - Vampire Counts, Lord of some sort (TBD)
  • buy the mini for the reaper contest! yes I am really late :( also need to buy the figure I want to paint to enter into the 54mm + category (I ttink is correct size, I get larger than 28 and I just think "Big") Bought! plus I got the Jabberwock on sale! *happy dance*


Started looking too messy during editing soo starting a fresh copy so to speak :)

  • Terrain - still in progress, moving to May for finishing
  • working on son's army - changed to his Necrons, as he'd rather a Ghostark atm (still in progress and no doubt continuing into May)
  • finished Wyrd model, chaplain and 5 Luna Wolves!
  • *gasp* finished the contest entry for the FB page! Hope ya'll like it as much as I do (can't post pic yet)
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I will migrate this post over to May, but I've got a minor surgery today and wanted a chance to think through some of my painting goals before going in for it.  It distracts me from the surgery.


For May, my goals are all related to painting chibi figures primarily from the Arcadia Quest core box/guildmaster set with some projects from Ninja All Stars.

- Finish painting Smiley Faceless

- Finish painting Koba

- Finish painting Kitsune & Tora Kaiken (test models)

- Paint Tanchyo Kunoichi

- Paint 8 AQ orcs

- Finish chibi cat sculpt

- Paint chibi cat ^

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Okay....  so I have an addiction to getting new minis it appears.  I may end up in Figmentius yet :blink:


So, Russian evil Dwarves arrived.  My goal for April was assembly and getting their movement tray sorted.  That is done as of today.  :blink: (Again!). 


Now, painting goals:

My goal is to paint 5 minis from the any manufacturer to a reasonable standard.  Probably going to have some Bones and OOP minis painted this month.


Non-painting goals:

Participate in my FLGS's monthly Warmachine Tournament.

My son just received the Pathfinder Beginner Box (thank you Humble Bundle): Maybe a game of Pathfinder if he can round up two friends to play.

And my younger son and I will be playing a game of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes or two this month.


Slight update: 

I've completed 4 miniatures of the 5 goal.  I'm very pleased with my progress this month.  No pressure on me for any of this, so it is moving very well.

My son has rounded up 3 friends (and his little brother) to play Pathfinder, so I have to schedule that.  I'm painting up the 4 characters from the beginner box right now, maybe I'll end up with 8 minis painted this month!


EDIT (another update, no need for another spam-ish post):

I have added 8 miniatures painted to my total. Total:  2 evil dwarves, a mounted and dismounted knight (two figures), the four pathfinder beginner box minis, and four of the dwarves from Hammer & Forge.  That's quite a bit after a long-ish stretch of barely getting anything done.



Okay, at the end of April here was my list:

Two Evil Dwarves

the Mounted/Dismounted Knight (2 minis)

Four Pathfinder Beginner box Minis

Four H&F Dwarves

One D&D Chainmail Human Warrior. 


Thirteen miniatures in one month was awesome.  Not likely in May, but awesome.

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