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(I have to admit, I feel weird commenting on my own thing to explain what I did, but in looking at other folks' work lately I've been noticing how much I appreciate it when others explain their own colours & reasons, so on the off chance that anyone wants to take inspiration from one of my minis I guess I'll start doing the same... ::): )



I love all those greens in that cloak! :wub:

The cloak and the robe were both done with a base of Vallejo Model Color 70.898: Dark Sea Blue. (Ben Kometz got me hooked on that and their Armour Brown. :lol: ) For the robe, I added some of Reaper's new (not-yet-released) Tropical Blue I got from the Christmas promotion, and for the cloak I mixed some Reaper Viper Green. There are also a couple places where I added an extremely thin glaze of Armour Brown in the shadows, but I don't think it made a big difference in the end. At any rate, I was going for something that'd look like a rich, heavy fabric, and I feel like I got it, so I'm happy. ::): 


The greens are a little less bright and plastic-y in real life. I think if I were going to try to enter it in a contest I might spend a bit longer, bring some of the shadows back, etc, but like almost everything else I do it's intended for tabletop use so being brighter is definitely better - helps it stand out on the battlefield.



I like the white skin. Excellent choice.

Thanks! It's a base of Reaper Moldy Green and the highlight is the Spectral White I got from the Hallowe'en promo last year. I expected it to be a little more obviously different, but the two ended up balancing each other out really well so it just looks like a "nice" sorta pasty white. ::): 



And on the off chance that anyone's curious about the staff: Base of Vallejo Armour Brown, and the tentacles are highlighted with various mixes of Armour Brown and Reaper Pumpkin Orange (from Hallowe'en again - I got a lot of great paints from the promos!), with a bit of Spectral White thrown in a couple places. The gem on top is pure Viper Green with a bit of white mixed in for highlighting. 

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