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Undersea reef game board (WIP)

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This is a tile based board for minis with an underwater reef theme. I have made the tiles magnetic; the photo is of the board built on my refrigerator. I sculpted a bunch of coral sections in sculpy, including some giant soft corrals. Finer decoration (green stuff sculpts of starfish and that type of thing) will be done after paint/ sealant is applied.




Suggestions would be welcome. I plan on adding some reaper aquatic animals and the statue of dagon as the project develops.

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I am using laser cut 120mm magnet sheets , mounted on cork-board, coated with wood filler. They are very light yet virtually impossible to slide once attached.


I have started to prime the tiles using a sample of house paint.

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I agree; i.e., the coral is MOST IMPRESSIVEBEAUTIFULLY sculpted. You might try an pet shop with an aquarium section for your plants...you might get some ideas for colors as well. In any case, keep up the SPLENDID WORK!

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Thanks peeps! :blush:


Those are some great ideas!

I had forgotten about the devil ray - a small school of them would be cool (and dangerous)


I have been designing ideas for "kelp" and i think I have three solid options, all of which will see some action:

1) As Malefectus suggested, I found some aquarium plants with long interesting "stems"

2) wire bag ties cut in to the shape of long kelp leaves and twisted together to make the classic kelp stalk

3) lichens painted red look remarkably like that curly red seaweed


I have had my eye on the kraken from KS2 - I'm curious if the base could be used as a shipwreck section?


The coral and shipwreck golem will make awesome, near permanent, residents of the board

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Quick update:



I completed the grey house paint "prime" and I have started putting down the "base coat" of the sandy bottom. I will be doing most of the initial painting of the seafloor using the foam from a blisterpack sponge brush, to enhance texturing. The plan is to get successively brighter to a tan sandy color.

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I have more recent shots - I added some bright base colors but I want to tone them waaaaaaay down before I share them.

Additionally, I hit a roadblock - I need to do some washes, which are impossible when mounted vertically, and I would like to do them all together to maintain unity.

Ultimately the board needs to sit flat anyhow, so I sourced a spare end table of the appropriate dimensions and a can of magnetic paint. with those items I should be able to turn it in to a proper board.

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