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Undersea reef game board (WIP)

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OK, it is a bit of a hot mess, but it is still progress.




I base coated the corals and sponge painted the rocks green, then followed with a black wash and heavy black lining. I have been  touching up the sand where the wash spilled over, and  painting the rocks back to a grey using a medium grey with a steel grey highlight, leaving a touch of the underlying green. you can see where I have been working inwards from the bottom left corner. it is slow going, piece by piece.


In order to do the washes I needed to mount the magnetic tiles horizontally, so I used a spare ikea end table top and tested out the magnetic paint I picked up from the hardware store. a single coat had a weak bond with the tiles, but a second layer cleared that up and they now stick well. the table is a bit too small and only fits a 4*4 configuration, so I was forced to leave out the open sea floor pieces. Ill have to update those in a batch.


So much to do, even after all of that! at least the magnetic board is working properly, that was an expensive gamble. I need to fish around for a bigger surface.

then on to sand touchup, corals, kelp, shells.....

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