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I used a green wash on parts of the wood where I thought maybe it has gotten wet and started to grow. I will add a bit of flocking to places later.


I dabbed a little bit of gunmetal on the nails and then dabbed over that with dark wash to take away the "new shine".


I saw someone else's windows painted like this and gave it a try. It's ok I think. I like it the most on the top window.


I am trying to decide if I should do a drybrush over the stones with the original color of the stone to lighten them up or leave them alone.


My plan for the upper window is to make it look coppery with some verdigris on it. I will paint the shingles a tannish-greyish so they look a bit bleached and weathered.


C&C welcomed


Incoming a lot of photos!














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The coppery-verdigris window came out great! Very happy with it. Stayed up super late basecoating shingles. Today I am going to do the drybrushing on the shingles and maybe the little bits and pieces around the cottage like the wheel, bucket, bags...but I can't figure out what is in the big open bag. I thought about making it walnuts or something but there is a lot of brown already. Not sure what I will do with that.


More pictures after I get more work done!

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I basecoated the shingles with Charred Brown (Vallejo). I then used P3 Hammerfall Khaki and Cryx Bane Highlight to drybrush across them. I used Army Painter Dark Tone to give them a wash. I did like that it defined the cracks but didn't like that it made everything too uniform looking so I drybrushed again and was really pleased. I used the green wash to go back over where boards were showing between shingles and at the tops of shingles where the ones above were missing as I figured water would run down and they would start to grow stuff. I used soft wash in places to make it a little dirtier and give it a little more color and contrast.


I then dabbed all the nails with gunmetal and then a smidge of dark tone to take away the shine.


I did the flagstones in front of the door a dark grey and then drybrushed 2 shades of grey and offwhite. I then used washes of blue, purple, red, dark and soft to give them some color and make them not be boring. I then used a green wash to go wherever there was a crack between the stones. I will be filling the cracks with green turf later.


I painted the ground first dark brown, then a dark green, then dry brushed with a lighter green and lastly with a Reaper sample paint I received which I have named "Booger Green" (I'll leave it to your imagination why!). I then picked out all of the little bits of stone with the colors I used on the cottage. I used a dark wash along the base of the cottage and then a green, smearing the green up onto the lower stones.


I painted the bucket, wheel, broken broom, and the sacks. I guess maybe it's a sack of potatoes. I had considered doing it red for maybe cherries but they aren't really round so potatoes it is.


I painted the fixtures on the doors and shutters black and then highlighted the tops of the bolt and the tops and the bottom inner circle of the handles with a medium grey. I didn't want them to appear to be shiny, I just wanted to give them some definition so it all didn't look just flat black.


I have already given the roof a coat of gloss varnish which is why it appears shiny in the photos. I will be giving the bottom the same treatment before I go to bed. Then it will all get some matt varnish. Then I plan on adding some turf and grasses and flowers.













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Looking good, when do you move in? ^_^

I still have to paint furniture and I still want to make a little base decorated with flowers and trees and stuff. I also plan on making a little rug for the floor out of greenstuff. I have all of these plans!


Looks amazing!. Just so ya know, I'm totally stealing borrowing your verdigras idea for the top window when I do mine. :ph34r:

Do it and I want to see pictures of yours too! I painted the bits black first. Then I used Vallejo Verdigris (just the paint, not a pigment). Then I went back and lightly drybrushed with copper. It was so easy and I was tickled with how it turned out!

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