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I used some PVA glue to go around the stones in front of the door and along the edge of the house and along the edges of some of the timber. I then used a fine mossy green flock and sprinkled it on. I let this set for a a little then tapped off the excess. Now it looks like there is moss between the stones and on the edges of the bottom stones.


I then took some viney flowers and made kind of a rose bush or something on the side of the house. I used other small tufts of flowers to add some color around the cottage. I used "poison ivy" vine to climb each side of the chimney on the back. Do I need some spreading over the the front of the chimney as well?


I then added some little grass tufts. I will be painting a kitty and putting one lying along the side of the house or maybe the one who licks himself sitting by the front door.


I did not get as much done this weekend as I had hoped. I went to a big fresh food market and bought some nice produce. In a little Asian grocery store I found a few American items so I bought myself a box of Junior Mints and a Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper! YUM!!!! Then yesterday I got to Skype with my parents, daughter and daughter-in-law and we all got to group skype with my oldest son and his wife for the gender reveal for the twins. One boy and one girl!


Anyway, so I need to clean up some of my mess to make room for cutting cork tiles. You can kind of see in the background of the pictures my stuff. I have a giant toolbox for my painting supplies. Love it but it takes up most of the table!


So....how does it look so far? Does it need more of anything? Vines on the chimney? Should I extend the vines going up onto the roof section? Oh, I am going to put a tiny bit of water effects in the pail next to the door. I painted kind of a blueish-grey swirl in there to look like water but I have always planned on putting a dab of water effect in there.











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I think it came across wrong when I said the roof. I meant it divides into the cottage half and the roof half (the roof lifts off). So on the chimney, I have the vines attached to the cottage half. I didn't know if I needed to extend the vines up along the sides of the chimney on the roof half. Does that make more sense?

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Looks great! I third the mossy roof suggestion. Maybe do a very thin dark green wash on the moss. It's a little one tone. But those are just little nit picks. Love the rose bush thing!

The wash is a good idea. I also thought it looked a little bland. I will try it on a spare bit first since I don't know how it will react to a wash. It could suck it up like a sponge for all I know! I only had the one color of the fine turf. Before I do it again, I think I will get at least one more color of the fine and mix the two to give it a little variation.


Ok, off to see what happens when you put a wash on......  I am also going to look at pictures of old roofs to see where to add moss. I like the idea and had originally been planning on it. I just don't want to obscure the detail with too much moss.

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It will soak it up. I do a light dry brush of a similar color to the flock after it all dries.

What the geometric figure said!


Flock is basically ground up foam rubber, like the stuff in a blister pack.


A trick with flock is that you can put a little bit into the well of a palette, or a blister pack plastic and mix in some ink. stir it up good. then let it dry completely. scrape it out and rub it between your fingers over a sheet of paper to separate it again. now you have a light and a dark flock....

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I added a little flock to the roof. I didn't want to overdo it. I tried to put a little dab wherever I had used the green wash as these were the areas I imagined retained some dapness due to the missing shingles. I also put a little on the slopes of the curve over the window where I imagined debris might stay and not be blown off so easily.


Then I did a drybrush with Ionian Green (P3). This sucked. A lot of the flock wanted to stick to the paintbrush. It worked, it just wasn't fun. ::o: Luckily, I did not have heaps to drybrush. I will definitely be either mixing a couple different colors of flock or I will at least give George's suggestion in above post a try.


To be fair, I may have had better luck drybrushing if I could have used Dullcote on it first. It poured for 3 days and the past two days, the wind has been blowing so hard if I take my dogs for a walk on their leashes it would be like flying kites! So, I haven't had a chance to spray it yet.


So, what does everyone think of the amount of moss on the roof? Was I too conservative (there is a sentence that has never been uttered about me!) or is it just right?


I can't really design the base yet until I found out what stuff I have ordered I am actually going to get. Two different websites keep telling me stuff is out of stock and when I pick something out, that isn't in stock either and in the meantime, something that was in stock on my order now ran out. Grrrr!!! :grr: I was going to have a tree, maybe a little pond, a vegetable garden, a little path, bushes and flowers. There would be little animals around going abo9ut their business. That's the plan.....if I can get the stuff......







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