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Buenos dias, greetings and salutations fellow reaperites.

I am starting a wip for various reasons. I am trying to motivate myself to complete a few more lead/bone dollies. I hope to continue updating this as I make progress. Feedback of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Even the harshest critics. But you guys are an awesome bunch.



For starters I am half way done on this Warg. Sculpted by Jason Weibe and in the bones material.

I am attempting to make the warg appear if he is prowling on a moon lit nite. The shadows are a blue paint I can not recollect off the top of my head.





Up next is the hell hound. The sculptor is Ben Siens and the material is bones. I am trying to give him a battle worn appearance. To give him that appearance I have painted on faint scars. Now how to improve them and give them depth is a condrum.





The next one I have up to finish is a mind eater. The sculptor is Patrick Keith and another bones miniature. The mind eater is an experiment using various mediums. I am also using him to work on different forms of shading techniques.




And here is two different kroids. Sculpted by Gene Van Horn and in pewter. The details are amazing. I am trying to figure out the right zombie color I want for the kroid sniper.





And finally an oop rackham figure. I really like the sculpt and had bigger plans that I had to scale way back due to reality. I originally envisoned his skulls to be painted asgalaxys and a cosmic scene in the back ground. My talent is not up to par yet.




Thank you for viewing. And yep, need to work on editing and pic taking more.

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Good work so far!


For scars you could apply a very little bit of green stuff or other sculpting putty in a smooth/jagged/whatever shape you want line and then paint them up.

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Looking good so far!


Just a word about WiPs, the forum rules are such that they like you to do 1 mini, or group of themed minis per Wip thread.




Edit---> The updated rules were clarified in another thread.  See here and here.

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