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This is a speed painted repaint of an old Mage knight figure; I think it was the 'feral bloodsucker'. It looked like a werebat to me, so that's what he became. I did the figure in perhaps an hour and a half (not including basing, lotta glue and different materials there). I just painted right over the original paint job (there wasn't really much there to begin with). I did this guy while I was waiting for some green stuff to dry on a different project.


Please let me know what you think.







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Thanks, everyone.


I like it, and I like the new avatar too!


( come to think of it.,, my colored wolf and yours have the same pose..)

Thank you, on both counts.

And I think you're right...


Yea for mage knight repaints! Did you just prime over the original paint job?

Glad you like it!

I just painted straight over the existing paint job, no primer.

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I read that as "Mage Knight wombat". Haha! I guess it is bedtime! He is cool and would be a scary fellow for adventurers to run into!

The hazards of living in Oz. ..



Don't get me wrong. A Mage Knight wombat would also be scary! Ok, scary and really cute! Ok, maybe just cute.


This Mage Knight WEREBAT is scary!

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