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Dark Souls board game from Steamforged


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I thought I saw somewhere that they had SG's out to 4 million with approval from Bandai.  Maybe I misread it.  I think the project is a good deal so I'll probably stay in regardless, but once they show actual gameplay I'll decide if I keep it once it ships.


It was originally 1M then SFG later announced to 4M. 

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Yes, as far as I can tell they had stretches up to 4 million but only up to 1 million had been approved (or approved in full)


although Bandai is actually moving pretty fast for a licensor as they approved the video in only a 1week (not light speed by any means, but for a bigish company to actually get everybody who needs to sign something off to do it in a week is pretty impressive)

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I'm still a bit baffled that there is no more Information concerning gameplay (the new video from Monday barely scratches the surface ... at least I hope so) and that there are no better concepts of the miniatures. I have almost no idea what the minis in the boss expansion will look like and the stretch goal heroes from the beginning are all in a quite boring pose which is surely not the final one ...

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Do you think they're talking to Namco of Japan?  I figured that they're probably working with someone in From Software in Canada.  Or Namco's American branch (they're have one, I have no doubt).


I do wonder if they've got a contract that requires that everything get approved by Namco, or if they have something a little looser.  It isn't like Steamforge has any interest in putting out poor quality stuff, you know?


By the way, I like the update about character genders.  It looks like the core characters will be  4 women, 5 men and one suit of armor that completely obscures gender.

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Give real Information for instance?


For example: will the Terrain/obstacles printed on the tiles have any effect?


Where do you see a "demo playthrough"? I mean ... a real one and not just 4 minutes of things that were known before?


How about providing the Information on the Kickstarter page and not buried in AMAs?

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I'm only staying in because I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to get my money back by selling it if the game play turns out to be terrible. Otherwise, I'd drop this thing in a hurry. I honestly don't think they have a fully developed design yet, but they had to rush this because of licensing fees.


And talk about anti-climactic. Not expecting any surprises the rest of the way. And I feel no incentive to pledge for any add-ons since their discount seems to be about 7% there and online pricing for their stuff seems to be about 10% off.

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