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Hammer paints: Anhurian Spearmen (77359)


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Finally finished these guys up.  Tried my hand at sculpting a few different takes on cobblestone for the bases.  A neat semi-uniform brick style, a larger clunky brick style, and finally an uneven uncut stone style.  My first attempt at TMM on these guys is less than stellar, and unfortunately, photographs even worse than it looks in person.  Overall though, I'm really happy with this project.  It involved several firsts and I'm satisfied with the results of them.  Kinda wish the shield designs were closer to identical, but oh well, I'm not the best at freehand :)  Also had a few mishaps in surgery transplanting these fellas, had a couple disastrous ankle implants and one poor soul lost all his toes as a result of hobby knife changing angle and at the last second and attacking my fingertip.






Fun project that took much longer than expected, but here it is!  C&C welcomed as always :)

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Great work on the spear replacements! Looks much better not to have "bendies." :)


Those eyes are a real pain on these Anhurian minis, looks like you got 'em though!



Thanks!  The eyes were certainly interesting.  Strangely enough, the toothpick spear conversions were much easier than simply pinning the feet...

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