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To add to my spam of the forum, I decided to document another one of my sculpts on here...the Mighty Thor.  Also keeping with my hero project, and coincidentally bolstering the ranks of the Avengers.


I have included a couple of scale shots as I notice there aren't many pics of the armatures out there.  Notice how it scales with the non-heroic dolly and my usual scale model of Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.


For the first stage I am starting with the bottom of his tunic and I will build up from there to get the layers correct.  He will have his hammer hanging loosely in his right hand and the left will be a clenched fist.





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After a brief pause to deal with Real-LifeTM, I managed to add the next layer of Thor's tunic on.


Yes, I have gone my own way with armour, much like my Captain America project.  Don't worry, the 6 discs that define Thor will still be there.  He just will have a bit more of a fancy tunic/armour set-up.


As usual, more rambling and pics on my blog.


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I did up the third layer of his chest piece including his shoulder guards.  I realize I cut some corners on the mid layer and it doesn't come up high enough.  I will have to go back and clean up that layer and fill in the missed areas.


I know the back is a bit rough, but the putty started curing before I noticed it needed some cleaning up.


Next stage will be filigree and the discs (well 4 of them anyways).  After seeing how the flared up shoulder guards look, I am second-guessing adding on more shoulder coverage.



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I notice it has been a while since I last posted on Thor, so there are a few updates since last time.


Boots roughly shaped out, first stage of his left hand is done, and the first stage of his face.


I am trying to do Chris Hemsworth, although the nose is way off I think the eyes are nearly there.


Anyhow, comments appreciated.  More rambling and pics on my blog, as usual...including the WIP for Mjolnir if you are interested in that.



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I don't like the dolly. It's too bulky for a human, and even for a superhuman it's too stocky; it would work fine for a really bulky character like Juggernaut or The Thing, it would also work nicely for a half-orc or half-ogre type character. It might work for The Mighty Thor, but I would choose a slimmer shape.


I think your best bet for doing the face is to cheat unless you want to invest a lot of time in it; either cut the face from a plastic miniature or do a head swap. If you want to sculpt the face yourself, it's going to be a long learning curve experience; faces are simply the most difficult thing to learn how to sculpt on a human figure. Tip: Take a good look at a miniature or figurine and pay close attention to the eyebrow level where it meets the eyes, and also look closely at the bridge of the nose where it meets the forehead.



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I agree the shape isn't quite right but I will see how it plays out. It is too big for the short guys but too short for the big guys. So Juggernaut and Wolverine are both out. I have considered a short Sabretooth.


I know the face will require quite a bit of work. The chin/jawline needs more work than the brow as the shape of the head cuts down to neck too sharply. On the otherhand, I will use this as an attempt at a new face technique. I have 8 heads WIP right now and several donors if I feel lazy.

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