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Chaos Wolf's Conversion Clinic (pic heavy) Open topic

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16 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Yes, it is. ::D:


Keep in  mind that Iron Wind is typically 'true' 25mm/28mm, so it might be a little smaller than a lot of Reaper's stuff.


'True' 25mm/28mm means that the figure will actually measure out to be 25mm or 28mm scale. A lot of manufacturers make 28 ish mm scale figures, meaning that it's sorta more or less 28mm in size.


It's what makes orcs from the good old days look like goblins produced today in terms of stature.


Maybe this will help

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fantasy miniatures scale comparison

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I needed a Dwarf Commander for a game I'm doing, so here's a little something I whipped up to represent a Dwarf who's large and in charge! :lol:


Using the statue head base and hemet crest from the Bones Female Paladin figure, the body of the Bones 4 Dark Dwarf Irontongue Priest, and a large axe from the Bones 3 Weapons sprue.


I cut the wings off the Dwarf's hemet, and cut the hammer from his hand.  I also cut the spike from his left hand, and then cut the arm at the shoulder.  I cut a thin wedge from the arm so that when I rotated it and glued it back in place, it would look like he had his fist raised defiantly.  I then cut the base off.  I drilled out his right hand and glued in the big axe.


On the Female Paladin, I sliced off her crest and sliced her boots off of the rock head. I then glued the crest to the Dwarf's hemet, and glued the Dwarf's feet to the head. 






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    • By HolkDiggity
      Hey, all!
      Over the course of Bones 5, there were a few models that I was hoping for. I would say that Reaper totally exceeded my expectations and covered about 90% of my personal hopes. One of the things that wasn't in there was an Azer. For those of you who don't know, an Azer is a creature from the plane of fire, and they resemble Dwarves. They are so hot that their heads are covered in flames, and often this heat causes their weapons to be set aflame as well.
      Since I had an extra Dark Dwarf Pounder from my November order, I figured that I'd try my hand at a conversion. I have exactly zero experience with sculpting other than filling gaps or making a rock or two, but I have YouTube, so why not? The first thing that I did was get the model and choose a base to put it on. I went with a simple flagstone base from Secret Weapon.

      Next, I shaved off and filed down the little "3 Nail" sigil that these dudes wear. I like that Sigil just fine, but its more representative of Duergar than an Azer, so off it comes. I also clipped away the oval base and filed the feet to be flat.

      Next, I washed the model and pinned it to a cork. I also washed the base and drilled a hole for the pin, and then stuck that on a cork as well. Once the model was dry, I mixed up some Green Stuff and followed along with a step-by-step for fire that I found online. Basically, you start with a cone and stick it down. I put it on the Dwarf's head, and then used a thin tool to push down the edges of the cone into the head and shoulders. Then, I used tweezers to twist and pull the top of the cone into a sort of whirlwind. Then, dipping the tweezers in water to keep them from sticking, I took sections of the Green Stuff and pulled outward and twisted. Once I had the flames the way I wanted them, I went back in with the tool and made more indentations in the fire. I did the same thing with the flames on the weapon.

      I'm waiting for him to dry and cure right now, and then I'll get on to priming him and painting him up this weekend! Stay tuned!
    • By nervisfr
      hey guys,
      Started from that big guy (a LOTR figurine) ;

      With a Grenadier 28mm for comparison scale 
      then after a  surgical action ;

    • By Werkrobotwerk
      I has a neat looking Aquila standard, and most of a skeleton and nothing to do with them, so I made this. 
      Chaos guy got smote so hard he skeletonized

    • By Peithetairos
      I finished my Leisynn conversion. Took ages, especially with a new baby boy in the house.
      That said, I am fairly pleased how he turned out. I changed the entire front and head area of the miniature and gave him a more sensible staff.
      I think contrast could be increased overall and the subtle freehand on his robes was difficult. I will need to practice more with future minis. 
      The illumination in the book turned out ok, but I came to the limits of my current abilities. It is based on a medieval illumination. Anyone can guess what it is? One hint: the horned one is involved.



      C&C very welcome.
    • By Brianuk
      Nearly finished with this mini, a male necromancer that I have converted to a female with a head swap. The mini is like a fishing weight, really heavy, and the flow of the robes and skirts in my view helps this look OK as a gender swap. Also, the original Callus mini has a long sculpted pony tail which would have been hard to file off but was easy to connect to. 
      I have no idea how I got a large hard to disguise paint blot on the scroll... 

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