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Chaos Wolf's Conversion Clinic (pic heavy) Open topic

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Okay, this is not so much of a conversion as it is a "repair". I backed the Deep Madness kickstarter a few years ago, and when I got my game, two of the monster miniatures were each missing a piece. I requested replacements and received them, but I still had two incomplete monsters that were just sitting  in my project box.


Well, with all of the "free time" so many of us have had recently, I finally got around to making those repairs. So here's the two monsters with the missing parts;


(one was also broken off of its base, but that's an easy fix)


And here's the parts I chose to use as replacement limbs/tentacles;


The pieces are plastic Tyranid Gaunt arms from my bits box.


Here's how they turned out;









I used a ball-end dremel bit to alter the shape of the socket holes a bit, and just a pointy tool to hand-carve in the little details at the ends of the replacement limbs. And when I got them glued in place, I sprinkled on a little baking soda just to fill and solidify the super glue.


I technically have no further use for these (since I still have the complete replacement versions in the game boxes), so I will probably just get rid of them on ebay.


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Ok, this post will cross a few topics because it has conversions, appropriating fantasy for other genres, and miniatures for my Stargrave crew (but I'll just post it here, with a link to it in the other relevant topic threads).


So, it started in the topic talking about the game Stargrave coming out next year (basically, a sci-fi version of Frostgrave). While discussing various miniature lines to use in the game, I started going through my collection looking for possible crew members. I have a lot of the pre-painted plastic D&D and Star Wars miniatures, so I figured that a few of those would ultimately end up being used (modified or not).


While going through my D&D miniatures looking for stuff that could pass for an alien race (and not wearing tattered clothes or armor), I found a Kuo-Toa Hunter and a Bullywug Thug (which I had several duplicates of each).



Then I started going through my bits box looking for appropriate weapons. At first I just thought to put a gun in the Kuo-Toa's hand. Then I thought that maybe I would cut off the right arm and reposition it. So if I was going to go that far, replacing both arms was not out of the question. For the Bullywug, I thought I might make a combo melee/ranged weapon (something like the staff weapons in Stargate), but I ended up making him a heavy weapon.


So, starting with the Kuo-Toa, I found a matching set of Kroot arms (from WH40K) that had a Kroot Rifle in them. Since the Kroot are skinny like the Kuo-Toa, it wouldn't look too out of place. I did have to thin out the thickness of the Kroot shoulders to fit the narrow frame of the Kuo-Toa (from front-to-back). All of the mold lines were removed using jeweler's files and sandpaper.


I also noticed that the Kuo-Toa miniature was missing his pinky toe on his right foot (after I had already made some progress), so I had to fix that as well... (I used the remnant of a weapon hilt for the replacement toe)




The only challenge was matching up the left arm to the left hand that was already part of the rifle piece. Since they were specifically made to match the width of a Kroot miniature body, it took a little tweaking to get it there.




(just ignore those guys in the background...)


Continuing on with the Bullywug, I found a WH40K Heavy Bolter (vehicle version) in my bits box. It seemed about the right size for what I wanted to do, but because the Bullywug has a bit of a "gut", I knew I would have to remove material from both the weapon and the body to make the fit seem a bit more natural. I also put a cavity on the left side of the weapon for his fist to fit into. I planned on leaving part of the spear haft and bending it so that it would  appear to be part of a hand-hold.


Here is a test-fit...



I already have a couple of miniatures with actual Heavy Bolters equipped, so I needed to change it up a bit. I found the emitter from a Heavy Flamer, and set to work merging the two... (could be a flamethrower, could be a ray gun)



And since I was going for an Aliens Smart-Gun style of weapon positioning, I needed to have a proper grip on the back end. I used the remnant of a Bolter grip, and opened a hole in the Bullywug''s hand for it to fit into.



Here's how it all came together...






And here's the pair with before and after comparisons.



So hopefully this will inspire you to make use of some of those "common" duplicates that you probably have a bunch of. There will be more miniature modifications later on for this project, but I felt that these fit into this topic the best.





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I had a friend commission a piece from me as a present for their boyfriend.  I didn't have a lot to go on other than a picture he'd drawn and knowing it was for a "space D&D" game.  Since it was a surprise, I couldn't ask any questions so I just made some decisions.


Here was the picture.


I chose this guy as my starting point because of the semi-modern style, the demonic features including the tail, and the open chest.  But he was a bit too fantasy.



I blended his base into a round base with some bakingsoda and super glue, and cut away his horns.  The picture didn't show any horns and I wasn't able to ask if he cared or not so off they went.


Cut off the staff, drilled out his hand, and added an axe from the Bones 3 weapons sprue.  I did have to cut away the bottom of the axe to allow it to fit into his hand.  I didn't know what kind of weapon this guy used, but thought I could make a properly futuristic weapon out of it.

I also sculpted on some new hair to cover the horns.  This was trickier than I expected but I think I got it to blend okay.

I also started sculpting some kneepads to capture that cool futuristic armor that the drawing had.


I ended up using some cut-offs from a sprue to get the pointed triangular shapes on the knees.  This helped a lot.

I am very new to sculpting with GS and converting minis in general.  I've dabbled with small things here and there but this was the most conversion work I have done to date.  It's not much, but you gotta start somewhere.  Let's throw some paint on this guy:




I think I got something decently futuristic.  Still hoping the recipient likes it.  This thread gave me some of the motivation to try converting it.  Love all the cool work!



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Having issues with the camera on my phone...and it's the only camera I currently have, so pics aren't available for this.


One thing I've noticed is that while the Anhurian Cavalry has some pose issues with the arms, the lance arm is rather easy to repostion, and with a simple pair of cuts, you can remove the hand with the lance and replace the hand with others from sets rather easily. I've got a few that I've replaced with fireforge foot sergeant hands with spears (I like spears more than lances anyway with their style), and a couple with an empty hand to add a banner and a trumpet.


I keep thinking about a more serious bit of work on one to have a captain or champion, removing part of the head and replacing it with the Elite's helmet along with the hand swap for a sword

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      ^Two-ish hours of arduous assembly later (it's my first time doing up a model kit AND my first time using plastic glue, and there's six bajillion parts for some reason), and we're looking at this.  Dashboard isn't attached, and the bases have been trimmed off of the two gnolls in question in order to better fit them.  This is my basic premise... And where I left off last night.

      ^So first off, a basic test fit of the larger, stabbier gnoll.  He barely fits... Good.  Things will get tighter once the hatches go in, but I'll worry about that when that particular time comes...

      ^A while with some tools, and we're now here.  Ignore the crooked dashboard, that happens when it's just sitting in place...

      ^Currently how things are looking in order for me to mostly fit the driver in.  As eagle eyes might notice, I'm going to have to redo the legs, or more appropriately, the LOOK of legs.  Since they tuck down into an area where they won't be seen, I went for the cruder approach.  Sure, it isn't as pretty, but I did specifically purchase these minis with the impression that there might be some cutting involved...  Odds are though he won't be keeping the axe (that formerly was a polearm or halberd?).
      So that's where things are at the moment...
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      Back when the Bones 4 Kickstarter was running, when the Giant Rhinoceros Beetle was revealed in the Fan Favorites set, someone posted this photo of a Frog riding a Beetle to the Enthusiasm Thread, and I knew it was a conversion I would eventually want to try.  I have an extensive Frog Army, and I wanted such a figure to be a Leader or Hero for my forces. 

      I had the pieces I needed at hand; the Bones Black "Giant Rhinoceros Beetle", and my rider - for which i  had decided to use the Bones "Mudcroak" Squog figure.

      As I looked at Mudcroak, I knew I would have to separate him from his base, but I knew there was no way I could remove all those little toes from the base without damaging them.  So, right off the bat I made the decision to just remove his feet along with the base, with the plan that I would then resculpted them with greenstuff directly onto the beetle's back once I had the frog glued in place.
      Here's a test fit, with the frog held in place with blue-tac.
      That's all for right now.

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      Good day everyone, here are pictures of 77105, Kagunk "Voorhees" the Ogre Chieftain sculpted by Tre Manor. This is the Bones version of the model.
      I added the axe blade on its spiked club, mounted it on a 2 inches square base and painted it with Reaper MSP paint.
















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