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Garrick the Bold (77008)

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So, I decided to actually finish one of my minis... 

And Garrick lost the draw...






Most of the abuse is already described in my WIP. 

I gave the armor a bit of a wash, using AP Dark Tone, and a bit of AP Red Tone on the sword.

Then I varnished it.

I used Vallejo Satin Varnish on the cloth, Vallejo Gloss Varnish on the armor, and AP Anti-shine on the belt and sword handle. 

The base was assaulted with Vallejo Brown Earth. Mostly to get a feel for it.


I could probably have used a stronger wash than I did, and I think the chain mail should have been a darker metal, also.

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Very bold white for the tabard, I love it!  I'm still a bit nervous to do straight white, though I have plenty upcoming for my Alice project.  Do you have any tips to share?  I plan to mostly follow this guide.  Also, I think the chainmail came out great.  Thanks for sharing!

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Actually, it's MSP HD 'Blue Flame', not white... I need to take a couple of pictures with better lighting...


As for the blending, I haven't even a clue as to how you do blending. 

Any perceived shadows are real shadows and so on. Again, my lighting isn't the best.

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No, just crappy lighting. I used normal CFL lights without any compensation, and well, blue is one of the colours that tends to suffer.

I'll try to pick up something better after work today.

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Wow, after reading the comments I viewed the images again and I can see the light blue!  How weird.  I love the paint job!

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