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CAV 24541: Kahn

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Got tired of painting people, so why not paint some mechs! 






I tried to go for a really clean separation between the armor plates, I need to go back and darken the lines around the feet I think. I plan on bringing the orange up super bright, almost to a yellow. That part might be a bit tricky though, as I don't actually have any orange paints and have just been mixing red and yellow XD. We'll see how it turns out. 


I'll also be finding some fun symbols or ID numbers to put on the white spots on the back and the side of the cockpit. 


I don't have any idea what color I'll paint the cockpit glass yet, maybe yellow or grey. 

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With a couple washes and layers, my little mech is looking much better!








I really love how the orange turned out! It not having that great of a coverage really helped with thinning it down enough to make smooth transitions, the blue I might work on a little more. 


Next up is the glass and the weapons, and finishing up the white portions!

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Did a couple glazes today, got the transitions between the shades evened out some and darkened up the darks a bit more! Also went back in and cleaned up the dark lines some. 


For the cockpit I'm testing out a glossy varnish! I'm not quite 100% on how it looks though, so if anyone has any tips on painting curved glass like that I'd be much appreciative :D







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