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Siri could use thoughts/prayers


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my aunt put it very well in her post on my facebook:

I am so happy and relieved for him. I couldn't ask for a better dad and I love him so much.

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When looking for a super hero, I don't have to look any further than my brother, Craig. He went from 17 hours on the operating table 2 days ago to a regular room yesterday, to sitting in a chair and texting today. We were told to expect 3 days in ICU, so this progress is nothing short of amazing. The combination of an awesome medical team, Craig's inner strength, unwavering support from family and friends and, of course, God's grace have gotten him this far. Life is good today!
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Siri, I am glad that things have made a positive turn! Your stepfather sounds like a wonderful person with a tremendous willpower to fight through the recovery process! Ongoing family medical issues are very taxing on everyone involved. As someone that has gone through a rough spot over the last 6+ years with my own father (I have a thread around here somewhere that I haven't been keeping up to date), I will offer this advice: stay as positive as possible and talk about it...talk about the current events and the memories that come to mind. It isn't easy, but bottling things up is a recipe for disaster.


I am also glad to hear that you are taking time to indulge in some video-game entertainment. I hear good things about that game, but have yet to purchase it myself.


When I heard you were moving to Arizona, I got really excited at the prospect of being close to another forum member (as there are very few of us here). Hopefully someday soon we can get together for a game-day or something. I hear there is a Con in Mesa on the weekend of January 21st. I am not 100% sure I will make it, but I am hoping my wife and I will.

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