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Siri could use thoughts/prayers


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Well i'm still alive, just have had very hectic and very busy life for a while. And admittedly the new forum layout has contributed to me not being around much, because with everything else going on I have not felt like slogging through it trying to figure out how to navigate it. I had to search for my own name in the search bar to find this thread, because i don't know how to see content I've posted previously. Will make updating WIPs with the stuff i've begun painting again interesting


I took a long break from painting minis, and began learning 3D sculpting. I have submitted a couple of models that were rigged with the help of someone else to a game on Steam, so we'll see if they get officially accepted or not

But i've called it enough on that too, for now. I've broken out the minis again and am trying to get my backlog cleared before Bones 3 comes in onto my doorstep.

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