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Siri could use thoughts/prayers


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55 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

I really was hoping this was over by now. I don't know what they can do now. They've done Chemotherapy/Radiation, they've done that highly risky surgery...what else is there?


I've heard of experimental therapies that only are used when no other options are left, but that's not really an option for most people. I'll hope that his doctor knows more than random internet person like me, it sounds like the doctor is on top of things. <hugs>

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Some unsolicited Advice: (click the spoiler if you, would like to have it.)



Has your husband and his family had a discussion on what your father in law sees as a quality life? Is there a point where pain and discomfort are not worth seeing additional sun rises? There are no right answers, only the answers that he and your family decide. 


I don't know if you and his family have had this discussion or not. If you have not I encourage you and your husband to have it with him and your in-laws. Regardless of what the oncologist has to say, it will help, now and in the future. Because at some point, your father in law may not be able to communicate his wishes and desires. It helps reduce suffering for everyone (him, the family, his community) if this very difficult discussion is had while he is still able to communicate. 



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