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Siri could use thoughts/prayers


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So the diagnosis isn't good, there are three options they could go with, but none of them are a permanent fix. Meaning whatever treatment he goes with, it's not going to cure it.

This is just a copy/paste from their email to me:


Option #1: Surgery
If the chest CT comes back clear Dr. Krimpl said he will offer to do surgery if that is the direction we wish to go.  It is a major surgery.  I will have my left jaw removed along with more of my tongue.  The jaw bone would be replaced possibly with part of my shoulder blade.  The procedure could take up to 20 hours.  I would be in ICU for several days and then in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  At home recovery would be several months.  The success rate for this procedure with all I have already been through is less than 50%.  Dr. Krimpl actually said 50% would be pushing it.  He wanted us to know everything so he stated many of his patients do not opt for the surgery because they do not want to spend months dealing with the surgery and recovery when there is less than a 50% chance for success.
Option #2: Clinical Trial
Stephenson has a clinical trial underway that uses a combination of a drug along with laser surgery.  If I qualify for the study there is no cost to us.  The drug attaches to the tumor and helps the laser focus in on the tumor.  The laser kills the tumor immediately.  There is no long term history with this treatment.  The study being done at Stephenson has had about 4 patients and so far seems to be successful short term.  However, since there is no historical data they do not really refer to it as successful. If the tumor is located near a major blood vessel or artery I will not qualify for the study as the laser could cut open the vein or artery.  The one downside of the procedure is it is extremely painful for about 24 hours afterward.  I would be in the hospital just to treat for pain.  If there were no complications and the procedure appears to be helping it can be repeated up to a total of four treatments.
Option #3: Gene & Immune Therapy
I can have a study done of the tissue that was remove for the biopsy and have like 300 genes identified.  There would then be drugs administered based on the information found from the genes.  Some drugs may help some may not.  They would not know until administered.  Most drugs that do work only do so for a limited time.  At that point another drug would have to be tried.  This would go on for the rest of my life.  During the entire time I would also be given drugs to help build up my immune system.


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That's tough, Siri.  I wish you and the family well in weighing options and finding one y'all are comfortable with... and then with the procedures that follow.  Our thoughts are with you all.  May you still find things to smile together about when you are all together in the days ahead.

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Just dealing with it as best I can. Worst part is trying to comfort and reassure my mom from three states away. My step dad hasn't given up yet, and is determined to get through this like he has the previous treatments.

I need Bones 3  lol. I have plenty of things to paint, but they're all the small humanoids that aren't very relaxing for me to work on. I do have a pewter dragon and phoenix from Reapercon's boneyard, i should pull those out and work on them while i wait for all my dragons and nifty monsters from Bones 3 to come in

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