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Siri could use thoughts/prayers


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medical update, just a copy/paste from step-dad's email


Started off last week with the Keytruda chemo treatment. Then on Tuesday had CAT/PET scans done.  Then came back on Thursday to have a basic physical done as part of the clinical trial requirements.  All test results were within the parameters for the clinical trial so we were told to come back on Monday to start.
So on Monday we showed up at Stephenson Cancer Clinic for a 7:20am appointment.  After (8) sticks with needles they were finally able to get an IV line going.  Gave me a test sample of the trial drug testing for an allergic reaction.  No reaction so full dose was given.  Interesting thing was they had to turn light off in room for the two hours it took to administer the drug.  Apparently the drug is so sensitive to light that even the small exposure while flowing through the IV tubing is a bad thing.  We finally got out of there around 5pm.
On Tuesday we arrived at the surgery check in at noon.  Had the procedure and things went well.  While I am under anesthetics the surgeon inserts fiber optic tubes into the soft tissue tumors in key locations.  A specific spectrum of light is applied through the tubes and this draws the trial drug to the specific locations and activates the drug.  The one thing the doctor did not exaggerate about was the pain after surgery.  I now understand why they keep you overnight to manage the pain.
Now for the good news we have received this week.  The scans last week show one of my tumors has gotten smaller and the other tumor only showed a small amount of growth.  This tells us that the Keytruda chemo is doing its job.  During the procedure Tuesday the surgeon could see the tumor cells already beginning to die.  Now we see over the next couple of weeks how much of the tumor is going to die and slough off.  So for now this is good news.



so things are looking good. whiel he won't be cured permanently, and the cancer has eaten a hole in his jaw that cannot be fixed, this will hopefully get rid of the worst of his tumors so that he isn't in so much pain all the time

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