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Since this mini is my first attempt at modifying one, and since I hope to use slightly more advanced painting techniques on this, it's probably time to do a proper 'one mini/theme/whatever' thread for it.


Anyway, Finari is a pretty badass woman, but I think she can be improved a bit...


The first I did was to get rid of the broccoli base. It's boring, and I think I have something better.


Now the second thing I did was to hollow out between her cak and the shield, to make it look a bit more natural.



Can anyone see what else I have done?

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Nice Job !


I'm going to make a suggestion.. please FOLLOW IT:


Click on the Edit function on the first frame you created, then click on FULL Editor function, add your Gadgetman! Miniature name, and reaper number in the tags section under the Finari name that you created..

This will give you the future option to search for everything you have posted in the forums.

If you notice on my latest Guinea Pig Wizard underneath the title there is a series of attributes .  They are all searchable.

If you click on "Jasonator" you will get a listing of every posting I have made on the forums.  I have ALWAYS used the

attribute line to trace the mini I was painting.  It will show WIP's, and Showoffs, and anything else I have done,

since I joined.  Start using the feature, its a great teaching tool for yourself down the line !

I recommend this to everyone !

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Since no one has spotted it yet, I must assume I did a good job of it and that its a mod that 'should have been there' all along.


OK, to stop people from pulling their hair in frustration; look at the picture of her from the back... It's where the mod is vest visible.

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Yes, the big change was the scabbard. 

It wasn't even wide enough to hold her sword, and it was a distraction in her rather dynamic and elfed-off pose. 


If by 'butt-cape' you mean the Bonesium filling in between her back and her shield, then that was listed in the first post. 

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