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Bones 77052 Valkyrie as Iron Kingdoms RPG Female Farrow

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On the left, for comparison and inspiration, we have "Helga the Conqueror" from Privateer Press -- the only known official miniature representing a female member of the "Farrow" (boar-man) race from the Iron Kingdoms (Warmachine / Hordes) RPG setting.


In our ongoing "Unleashed" IKRPG campaign, I've been providing table space and minis, while the GM gives me hints about what we'll be up against next.  In our campaign, our humble little ruined base is supposed to receive a visit from Helga the Conqueror -- our very first "big name" guest, and a representative of our benefactor, Lord Carver (the bandit lord of the Farrow).  I already have an abundance of Farrow miniatures of various types painted up, largely thanks to the plastic minis included in the "Unleashed Adventure Kit," but a distinct lack of females.


Enter Reaper Bones #77052, Aina the Valkyrie.  Obviously, the original mini was meant to be human, but with a little bit of "brown stuff" epoxy putty, I gave her a snout and tusks.  The figure as a whole is so conservatively dressed that I didn't feel the need to add a "piggy tail" or convert hooves since, well, they'd be covered.


I did, however, replace the upright-held sword originally in the right hand.  Although dunking the figure in boiling water did help to straighten out the sword significantly, it still had a slight curve to it, and also looked a bit puny by Warmachine/Hordes overblown standards, so I swapped it out and instead used a spare plastic axe (originally from a Warhammer Dwarf).  The whole thing is a bit of a rush paint (as I have to get these things done in between game sessions), so mostly this consisted of base-coating the whole thing in a very light brown, then washing with "melted chocolate" brown.  From there, I used "granite grey" for shadows, painted over areas of gunmetal and bronze, and built up color for the skirts and flesh tone areas with multiple applications.  The exposed surfaces inside the "lipped" base will get some flocking, but I wanted to take a picture of the figures before applying an outer later of matte acrylic coating (and to apply the flocking AFTER the clear-coating).


On the right is another conversion abomination: "Hungry Bertha" from the HorrorClix line.  Originally, this figure was clothed in nothing but a bib, with only the rolls of fat providing any semblance of "modesty."  Ewww.  I used some more "brown stuff" putty to give her a loincloth, some iron cups, piggy tail, and something resembling a snout.  The headdress was a random plastic bit (Warhammer, again -- I got lots of random bits at a local game store's "game bazaar" exchange) that I thought would help to contribute to the "Valkyrie / Opera Singer" vibe.  I still left on the arm she's chewing on (although it gave me precious little space to squeeze in anything resembling a piggy snout), since that seems to fit the vibe of the "Unleashed" setting: there's an awful lot of cannibalism going on there.  (In the case of the Farrow, this is literal.  If one of their fellows dies, he's lunch.  Waste not, want not.  If you don't partake in the feast, they may be insulted -- What, did you think there was something WRONG with him?  What, you think you're TOO GOOD for him?)


The hooves (replacing the original little feet, which were partially hidden under folds of leg-fat) are left over from my Mage Knight Wereboar conversions into "Brute Boar" warbeasts.  Waste not, want not!  ;)


Anyway, I suppose it's ironic that "Aina," having the slimmest figure, is the most conservatively dressed of the trio (and Bertha by far the least -- especially before I started adding putty).  But then, that's probably wholly in keeping with the Farrow aesthetic, which goes for a more "Rubenesque" ideal.


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Awesome conversions!!!


Maybe the Fire Giant Queen would be a good addition to this bunch?


Just for perspective, these figures are all on 30mm round bases.  


77100 Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (the "smaller" fire queen from the Kickstarter) is more of a 50mm round base.  I used that figure for a female Warpwolf conversion in another thread:



However, if I hadn't already used her for a Warpwolf conversion, now that you mention it, she'd probably serve as an interesting base for an "in-theme" Giant Hog (female) conversion as a companion warbeast.  ("Warbeasts" among the Farrow are generally just unusually large members of the same species, though they're treated by the Farrow more-or-less as "beasts" -- or at the very least as very expendable lesser entities despite their tremendous strength and capacity for really messing things up.)



While I'm at it, here's the thread showing the Mage Knight Wereboars / Stone Boars that I got the spare hooves from:



The Mage Knight figures originally had "hoof hands" that I replaced with hands/weapons from some Ogre Kingdoms bits.  I used some spare Ogre Kingdoms belly-plates as partial armor.


The Wereboars / Stone Boars are also a great base for turning into more unholy creations of Dr. Arkadius.  This friendly little piggy is likely to make an appearance in our next session as well, boosted with a mish-mash of spare parts from Cryx and Khador warjacks, plus some other random stuff from the bitz box:



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