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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      This was one of the first minis I bought when getting back into the hobby and it has taken far too long to get her finished. 

      I'm happy with how she came out, although I'll have to rebase her at some point.

    • By Pingo
      This is Reaper's 59009: Mad Scientist, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.  I thank Reaper for proffering Victorian Science Ladies in Big Dresses, and I am looking forward to painting her up.
      I am, as usual, working with Golden matte fluid acrylic paints.  This is my standard priming, a thin wash of thinned-down Titanium White allowed to dry for a day then washed further with thinned-down Burnt Umber.  I don't know if I've mentioned, but this is a classic Italian Renaissance priming technique.  I can't remember the term, but it translates as "veil" of color and is supposed to give richness to subsequent layers of color.  In this case it also makes details pop.

      I clearly missed a few spots with the Burnt Umber.  I will be repairing those as I go along.
      I started with her skin.  I like the Foglios' "Girl Genius" comic, so she is a little inspired by them.  They have plenty of diversity in their cast, and I thought this figure might look well with darker skin.
      I have found that Burnt Umber, a slightly cool, rich dark brown, makes a good basis for dark human skin.  This is the first layer, a light scumble (like a glaze but using a lighter color over a darker instead of vice versa) of Burnt Umber lightened just a touch with Titanium White.

      Dark skin, I find, looks well with warm highlights based on Yellow Ochre.  I painted her skin quite dark, so I made the highlights a little cooler, less Yellow Ochre and more Titanium White, admixed with Burnt Umber.

      Here she is with her skin finished and her eyes painted in.  I washed some clear Quinacridone Magenta over her lips.  Her eyes were pretty enormous to begin with and I made them even larger.

      I am thinking mauve for her dress.  Purple ftw!
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      My exchange partner for the 2015 Fall Exchange was Tarsemina. Steampunk was the first thing on her list, and something I quite like myself, so from there it was just a matter of picking a Reaper fig that spoke to me. This figure is awesome, although she needs a real name, something besides, "Mad Scientist (female)" .   




      As a proper mad scientist on the dangerous streets of London (I've been readying the background book for Infamy lately...) I thought she needs some companions. The dog is an Infernium Hound from West Wind's Empire of the Dead line.  And her adorable "porter" is Stonehaven's Scrapbot (one of my favorite figs, which may be why I have so many...).  The base is a 50mm cobblestone resin base, also from West Wind's EotD line.
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