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My name is Mike and I've lurked here for a while. I've done some comic art and concept work for small miniature companies and thought I would share a little bit of my work.
















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I think I recognize you from the ill-fated ToH KS...  I like your work.  Looks like you've got a good handle on several media too.  I bet your miniatures are pretty stellar too.

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Thanks everyone :)

Mori - In comic art speak, that's a color hold. I'm glad you like my work :)

BLZeebub - ToH.. it's not ringing bells. Either way, happy to hear you dig my art. I'm still getting a handle with sculpting in GS/Putty and have done a bit in 3d too.

Xherman - Thank you!

The non-NDA miniatures I worked on were a few for Chapterhouse and a dropship from a Sci-Fi KS. I have been and am involved in a few other things but details aren't available on those.

It is exceedingly hard to find work doing any one type of art I've found, so I've tried to keep a handle on different media. I'm hoping work will pick up so I can get a 3d printer eventually.


Here's some more







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So I've neglected this thread a while...


There's a good reason! I've been working on stuff that I can't show. My current project is for Assault Publishing, who has tasked me with illustrating their entire rulebook! I'm about halfway through that project now and will roll right into another project for a new British company in the following months. Phew.. that's a lot!


In my free time I've been doing studies and I was participating in an ongoing league of artists that do monthly competitions. That got the axe but has recently been revitalized. So for my first match, I got to pick our topic, which is adventurers.


I came up with some ideas and had quite a few sketches. I narrowed it down to my favorites and thought, what better place to ask opinions on this than one of the most prominent fantasy communities? So here it is.


These are 3 sketches that I am considering turning into finalized illustrations. Please sound off on which one you think should get the full treatment!


1) Sewer Rats



2) The Archive




3) A disarming situation




I'll check back Monday when I will start work on whichever piece gets the most attention between this site and other places. Thanks for looking!

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Thanks so much for sounding off guys. Between here and the place where the competition is, I've gotten feedback that tells me the sewer piece is going to be it.

Now.. not to say the others won't be developed ever, but for this contest, I'm definitely going to be moving forward with that one.  Secretly, I wanted to paint the disarming situation.. but hey..this one is turning out pretty fun :D


So.. words words words.. where's teh picturez!?!?! (right?)


Here's the tighter line art.



The final will be larger, but for now I'm happy with the read it gets at this size. Thanks for looking!

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That's awesome!!! I like all of them, but the perspective on number 3 is what really brings it to the top of my list. It's unique :D 


Love the updated line art too!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. Today is the deadline and I was meant to take it to color but all day yesterday was spent in the ER so here's where it's going to leave off.



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