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Odyssey : Argonauts from JoeK Minis Kickstarter

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About this project

Odyssey is a range of figures set in the distant future. Gods are real, and they’re very, very angry. The Argonauts have embarked on the voyage, led by Jason and they’re ready to fight back!


Which is a very basic background (more later!). Suffice to say this is a project to make more fantastic figures for the Odyssey range, and I need your help to produce them! The plan is pretty much in three easy steps:


So! Let's get to the good stuff and let you help me get there!









Add any of the following figures to your pledge by simply increasing the pledge amount! You can order as many as you want!















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Hi guys! Thanks for creating the thread Jon :)


I'm into the final three hours! It's been really good - frankly I'm kind of blown away with it all!


Two final stretch goals to attempt to get to, but the important thing is that the Argonauts are going to be absolutely awesome!
Quite a lot really!
This is pretty much what it looks like in picture form:
So, as I type there's around 3 hours to go! 
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The pledge manager is now live,


remember your basic pledge has been set in the first survey so this is for the extra things you added money for (or want to add now)


and you don't need to add the freebies you're entitled to manually, Joe will do that behind the scenes when he pack the rewards (the update only reminds you about what freebies you're entitled to so you don't end up doubling up if you don't want to)

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I've just had my rewards for this one and think I will have been amongst the last to do so as i'd selected the delayed (and absolutely fabulous) Poseidon



all the goodies are well worth the wait and I only wish I could have afforded it all, but no doubt I'll pick up more of it at retail



anybody else still waiting? if not Darsc the grinning tiger can lock this down as a successful fulfilment

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