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02703: Gothic Archway w mods

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So after doing the Graveyard Archway (03684), I had thought that a double sided version with the ability to change the picture would be the thing...


So using the Gothic Archway as my base, I used my Dremel tool to cut a groove on the inside to fit the blister plastic holder and space for the pics.

The fit is terrible, as I went to far with the groove, but I decided to keep going to learn any other pitfalls in this project.


I primed the 2 parts, then drybrushed with multiple greys. glued in the blister plastic, added a little bit of greenstuff and glued them together.


Tonight I added some Apoxie Sculpt to try and fill in some of the gap around the outside.


I cannot close the gap in the arched part, as that needs to stay open to put in the different pics.


If I do this again, I will cut the groove, but instead of blister plastic, I will just use the home laminator on the pics so they can slide in and out...


post-14271-0-68269300-1460178348_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-30869300-1460178349_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-99485600-1460178349_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-68225200-1460178350_thumb.jpg


Comments and  thoughts?



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Would be better if the pictures slid in and out from the bottom I think.

You are likely right, but I plan on putting it on a base, which would make it more difficult to do it that way. And for this one, to late. ..

8 (

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Interesting idea.


It's probably a lot more work, but is there any way you could put a 'handle' (that matches the archway) on the top of the pictures to help fill up the gap when the picture is inserted?

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Added a base made from an old GW Cav base and some green stuff, quickly cut to stone shapes....


Then the 4 color drybrush, followed by a wash of Secret Weapon Stone...


post-14271-0-00171000-1460435238_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-71035800-1460435238_thumb.jpg


Will do another round of dry brushing tonight...



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