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02973 Cullen & Ash (from Spring Exchange)

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So, I thought I'd go ahead and post these, as my exchange partner received them. Just hoping they arrived ok! only have USPS confirmation. I taped up the sword between two pieces of cardboard as it was very bendy I found and I was worried it'd break in post. But anyway I took pics first before shipping so here they are :) Yes, I took a lot lol since I wouldn't see it again I wanted to make sure I had a record in case I wanted to do something like it again :)


few words about them: the wolf is supposed to be a timber wolf - I got some reference pictures and tried to duplicate that pattern. His eyes are quite dark because I just dislike the white showing when on most animals you won't see it at all (I realize there's a lot of exaggeration in miniatures but I just didn't feel right doing it on the wolf).


The bases are a bit simple because my partner had expressed a preference for ones that would be useful in gaming and since there are two minis on this, I put them on a 40X40mm base I believe, but left them not actually attached, in case he'd wanted to put them on their own. I just used some paint and flock, pretty basic, to help them "match" each other and the base, itself.


I'm pretty happy with a lot of the way the details came out, really this is one of my better minis. It's not on par maybe with some of yall's stuffs but I'm proud of this little bugger.











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Hello all.  Life.. need I say more?

So, I was the lucky recipient of these fine pieces.  Not to speak ill of the photos, but they do not do these pieces justice.  The subtleties in the shading and blending are lost a bit in the pictures.  I am ecstatic about these pieces!  They are a wonderful addition to the display shelf in my living room... and I have plans to create a character in D&D revolving around them.  Wonderful job and thank you so much!

PS -- Thanks for posting pictures.  The camera in my phone is not working, and my digital camera was stolen.  Life has been less than kind in the last 2 months.



Again, thank you so much for the great work!  I love them!



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    • By Cyradis
      @Fire_Eyes sent me this amazing set of a vampire and a hero chick under a tree! I love the pink theme going on here. This girl is certainly going to turn around and kick this vamp's patoot! 
      Thank you so much, I love them 

    • By Guildenstern
      This is my Spring Exchange mini - per some discussion with my exchange partner, I decided to give her a 'wand' of sorts, instead of a sword. I dunno why but the snake just happened. It seemed to fit. Anyway, to convert her sword arm to a wand, I basically cut and rotated the arm at the wrist, GSd a bunch of the now gaps (including one that happened on the back of her cloak). I whittled down the sword, cut off the hand guard and ended up making a kind of wooden hilt/handle for it (not sure the wood grain comes across).
      I'm not 100% enthused with how her cloak came out, still trying to really master blending and highlighting. I am pleased with her eyes though, as it's really the best I've managed so far, her skin is ok at a distance, but isn't as blended as smoothly as I'd like closer in. I kinda went with 'better part of valor'* at this point, and decided not to mess with it anymore, for fear of making it worse.
      The base I decided on a simple overgrown dungeony type, to fit in with her being a RPG mini.
      Spoiled incase intended recipient would rather have a surprise ;) And also because not sure if her bare one cheek is PG enough or no for the forums.

    • By Guildenstern
      So the mini I ended up choosing for my Partner was Alastriel #02967 I actually had kinda wanted a different one but this was one of the choices I'd narrowed down and I erm accidentally forgot to order the other when ordering this one. I don't have a lot of "girl" minis so I had decided to get several and see how they looked in person. Anyway, this one was a contender and it's a quite interesting model.
      My partner wanted a kind of wand/mace in her hand, and I'd thought about getting rid of the staff, but it's just too nice. So I decided to 'convert' the sword she's holding to a 'wand'. Somehow a snake ended up around it (yes, that's meant to be a snake, be kind :P I'm not a sculptor). It seemed to fit pretty good actually. A minor note, the poor little head fell down a bit while it's curing and now I can't move it :( so it's not quite in the plane I wanted it to be in. (If anyone has any suggestion of how to fix it, I'm all ears)
      So anyways, here's the WIP shot:

      I did a little work on the flesh and the hair atm. And while it's hard to see, her eyes. With the way she was holding the sword originally I had to cut her hand and rotate it, so she's got a bit of GS at the wrist, which I'm hoping will blend in ok. And (not shown) I also extended her cloak on the back a bit, to reattach to the wand hand as it was now a bit higher.
    • By Jaws
      This was done for a fun competition where you were supposed to recreate an album cover with miniatures. I chose the Army of Darkness Official Soundtrack. It uses the same art as the Movie. :)

      All I can post here is a WIP, pic. The rest, as well as the final result can be found in the links below, due to nudity.: 

      WIP / photobox images:
      Final result. There was no way to fit all nine minis, along with the scenery in my photobox, so the colours / paint suffered a bit in this one, but all in all I am happy with the result.: 
    • By Jaws
      I am going to start a larger competition entry, and thought I'd make this WIP thread to help me keep a red line on the project. 
      The task is to recreate a cover of a book or album. 

      Nothing to post yet, except the cover which will be my inspiration for the entry. I have had it in my mind for a while, and this comp gave me an excuse to begin. 
      Bits have been ordered, and work will commence once they arrive. :) Maybe a little sooner. ^^ As there are some things I can do right away. 

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