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Mousekiller Flagellants

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Another highlight on the robes, wood bits done, some work on the throw over, pouches, and books.


Manufacturer: Games Workshop 6th Edition

Sculptor: Alan Perry





JDizzO: Yeah, these are the 6th edition version, before GW started doing the plastic units. New ones have nice character as well. I have a box or two laying around.


Xherman: Yeah, hope these guys have that mad look when they are all done!

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Ok, I feel like we have some momentum building... I am just really glad to be spinning a brush again to be honest and all of you really help to keep me motivated.  Thus far this year, with all of your help, I have completed 53 miniatures (31 of them from scratch!).  


As promised, I am bouncing between new work and things that have been on the "work table" for quite some time.  So, up next is this unit of 15 flagellants.  I am going to try a slightly different technique, as I am really enjoying using the citadel contrast paints to help block out my color schemes.  Of course I don't stop with a layer of contrast, though to be honest, the black contrast paint is quite nice and likely you don't need a lot of extra work after applying it.  Anyway, these miniatures all had a black primer already, so I hit the unpainted ones with a dry brush of white.  Lets see how it all works out over the next few days!



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Ok, so as promised, I went through and blocked all of them out with some color.  Contrast Gulliman Flesh for the skin, Contrast Blood Angels Red for the red bits, Contrast Black Templar for the black bits, and Contrast Gore Grunta Fur for the brown.  Keep in mind, I am taking all 15 thru every stage, just taking pictures of these two individuals to show the evolution.  I will take a picture of the entire unit once all the skin is done. 


I am going to try to capture every stage for you from here on out.  If it helps someone become a better painter, that is awesome!  But also, if you see a step I could take to improve, please make a comment!!!


1.  Bugmans Glow.  This went on pretty liberally, but with the Gulliman Flesh it actually created a nice deep layer so it was still more of a highlight then a base coat.

2.  White.  Added white to the eye portions.

3.  Black.  Added black to the pupils.  Probably could do more with the eyes, and might come back later.

4.  Cadian Flesh Tone.  The first real layer of skin tone.  I felt I was able to leave a lot more of the Bugmans Glow exposed, hopefully giving more depth in the long run.



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5.  Hit the underside of the eyes with a wash of Contrast Plaguebearer Skin to try to give just a hint of unhealthy fever to them.  Also, hit the lips and scars with some Emperors Children Pink Color.  Finally, there was a boil on one of them that I hit with a small bit of Yriel Yellow.

6.  Wash it all with Reikland Flesh Wash.  Be careful here to not allow any to get into the eyes.

7.  A second round of Cadian Fleshtone as a highlight.

8.  A round of Kislev Flesh highlight.  


I will come back into the skin later for one or two more highlights, but I tend to like to see how things look as I begin to add more colors elsewhere.




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Glitter, I totally want to reveal the entirety of this story to you now!!!!  Of course, we know that Mannfred is behind everything ;).


Ok, so I split the 15 into 5 groups of 3, and we will do each of their hair with a different color to add variety.  


9.  Wash of Gore-Grunta Brown

10.  Layer of Skrag Brown

11.  Layer of Deathclaw Brown, moving away from the base of the hair lines.  

12.  Mix of Deathclaw Brown and white, you can continue to mix in white and highlight up until you are satisfied.  I did it twice.



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Orange Hair.  This is the average red head, not the over the top dwarf version.1341677968_OrangeHair.thumb.jpg.67cfc97c366f292652c76a2e124d4982.jpg


13.  Wash with Gryph Hound Orange

14.  Highlight with a 50 50 mix of Squig Orange and Dorn Yellow

15.  Highlight with Dorn Yellow

16.  Wash with Reikland Flesh Shade to tone every thing down a little.

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Black Hair


1.  Wash of Black Templar

2. Highlight Stormvermin Fur

3.  Highlight Administratium Grey, I did this with a few highlights of this color.  Some of the areas look a little sloppy, its ok.

4.  Wash with Black Templar.



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