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Mousekiller Flagellants

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And the final hair, white.  Also adding a quick unit picture to show the overall progress.


1. Wash of Space Wolves Grey.

2. Coat of Fenrisian Grey.

3.  Highlight of Ulthuan Grey.

4.  Final light wash of Space Wolves Grey.




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@Glitterwolf Thanks mate!


On to the red robes.  To start, they received a wash of Contrast Blood Angels Red when we first started painting.  From their, these are the next steps:


29.  Wazdaka Red layer, leave the deepest shadows.

30.  Wazdaka Red and Deathclaw Brown.  The goal here is to fade the red color, these guys are supposed to be poor, so I don't want them running around in bright vibrant clothes!

31.  Deathclaw Brown highlight.

32.  Deathclaw Brown and Dorn Yellow final highlight.  I definitely got impatient and brushed a few of these too hard and had to go back in to tone it down.  Be careful here and just hit the major highlights, I love dorn yellow but it can be unforgiving.  I probably should have used a cream color, but I am still happy with the results.



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@Samedi Thanks for coming along on the journey!  


Brown Robes, keeping in mind that everything was washed in Gore Grunta Fur.


37.  Skrag Brown

38.  Skrag Brown mix with Balor Brown

39.  Balor Brown

40.  Balor Brown mix with Screaming Skull




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