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CAV Bones Ashigaru


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Thanks! Since I use these to actually play CAV I want something that can easily be touched up and won't take forever to paint in the first place. They should look good at arms length and on the table in game. I wouldn't enter them in a painting competition as they are not my "high quality" work.

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Looking neat!


What's your recipe for these?

My guess is: base colour with air brush, paint the few odd colours and Windows with your brush, then a dip in quick shade.

Am I far?


Base is RMS Terran Khaki airbrushed on (some units were hand brushed until I got tired of it taking too long and broke out the airbrush)

I pain the Cockpits RMS HD Icey blue. 

Missiles are painted in RMS Rach Red

gun barrels (this one doesn't have them but the starhawk VI does) get P3 Pig Iron.

Tires and tank treads are painted in RMS Troll Shadow

I don't dip my models but I do brush on Army Painter Strong Tone quickshade. (I use the dropper bottle not the big can) It shifts the color to where I want it and ads depth. 

once thats dry, I use Army Painter Daemonic Yellow and Matt black for all of the detail work.


This model also has RMS HD Field Gray for the front of the missile rack.

Some other models use RMS Adon green in places.

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I haven't tried using my airbrush on Bones models yet. Did you have any problems with the paint beading since Bones is hydrophobic?

I did get some beading at first, but part of that might have been due to the paint being too thin. I only diluted the paint with 1 or 2 drops of water per "Squeeze" of paint. I tended to fill my paint cup about halfway in one "squeeze" (I know its not an accurate measurement but I got it to work.)


Its hard to tell as I went over most of it with Troll Shadow, but he wheels on these ashigaru beaded pretty badly. I wasn't concerned as I was planning to paint them another color anyway. 

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