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Is this the first dolly you've sculpted for casting?


Most of your work (that I have seen) has been for complete figures. I'm curious to hear how it turns out, in your opinion.


Yes, though I have worked off of dollies on occasion, so I have a pretty good idea of what I want it to be.

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As Corporea requested, attaching a piece to be removed:


In this case I am adding horns that need to be cast separately.  First I make the horns and drill a holes for them in the head:





Then I fit them in place and sculpt the details:







Then I cut around the base with my scalpel and remove them; in this case they come pre-tabbed naturally.








I finished these guys to the point where I need to have them cast so I can use them as armatures for the Dragon-Kin forces/party:


post-140-0-09134900-1462501717.jpg post-140-0-72081500-1462501717.jpg post-140-0-14409900-1462501718.jpg


post-140-0-60363200-1462501718.jpg post-140-0-09087200-1462501719.jpg


post-140-0-56433300-1462501719.jpg post-140-0-99625000-1462501719.jpg



I'll keep this going next summer once I get the casts back.



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