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Awesome freehand!


And the head swap is brilliant to make it Tzeentch..





At first, I was considering creating the headdressings of the Thousand Sons for him, but my client pointed out that he's not necessarily TS, since he's joining a daemon force (I've painted lots of those daemons in smallish batches).


Pretty much everything here was informed by that.  

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dude I simply can not look at your work, it is too good.  I started a clockwork dragon, wyrmgear, and had to shelve it for awhile after my wife pulled an image of your wyrmgear off the internet.  too good. I sit in my shop and berate myself for not being able to reproduce your works of wonder.  shame on me for not being awesome as odin's grandson. then I remember "oh wait he is a professional artist his work is so pose to be awesome!" then I  just enjoy your website. Seriously I love this.

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