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This is amazing!!!! :wow:


The cloth and metal parts are really cool - I love the stippling, I'll have to try that on a crushed velvet cloak I'm working on.


I'm confused about the skin though. I don't see the 3 color parts in your reference photo, just a whole lot of red. And how did you mix skin colors? You used the rust and mixed the other colors with it to get skin tones? That's amazing :O

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I mixed the rust with the green ocher and a bit of the olive green and creamy ivory.  For the shadows I mixed in red shadow.  the highlights I added creamy ivory and then the lightest are done with ivory and a bit of pure white.  So the actual skin tone is just a mix of things. Under the eyes I mixed in the soft blue to get a magenta and around the eyes almost used a few areas of pure rust red.  Like I said, it's weird and not easily reproducible because it's a lot of layers and trial and error with mixing.   :down:

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one of those level-up moments was when he explained the hihglight under the shadowed fold of the cheek.  it was like a lightbulb!  You can see it more on our right of the front of the face- that thin line is actually deep int he recess, but because of the frontal light source, it reflects!  It added this weirdly realistic look to the cheek!

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That sounds like a great class, close to the stuff I've been studying while doing the portrait in oils. I'm mixing skin tones from primaries and it's amazingly educational and makes it so much easier to build in subtlety, complexity, or bold contrast just splitting out sub-mixes in different directions.


I think a tough angle on a 3d surface is working the idea of lighting volumes from the front all the way around the head. Do you just go crazy Banshee and make it dark in back?


I've been going a bit bonkers about lighting in paint for a while now.


Wish I could've attended, I know from FB some of the heavy hitters that were there. What a talented bunch!

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technically I could go light in the back like a 2 directional light source but with dark on the sides.  Or I may just go blue-black for contrast.  I may pick a different light source for the next bust to make it easier!  it was fun hanging out with everyone!

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This is extremely cool, but also a little sad for me.


I really don't have the visual color acuity to mix skin tones completely from base colors like that. I'd wind up with some very off-looking faces. :down:


Stippling and cross-hatching, on the other hand, I could totally try, if I can get my basic brush skills to a high enough level! So, there's something to aspire to!


Thanks for sharing!

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