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I need help identifying this mini. It's a friend-commission, so I'll have to give it back after painting, but I would like to have another one for myself. The owner doesn't recall when or where he got it.


The base is stamped with a backwards "LAL". Possible Lance & Laser? The bottom is engraved "©RMI", or possible "©Roy" or "©Ray" and dated "04", or possible "09".


Thanks in advance!






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Unfortunately, Exalted was a series made for the White Wolf Exalted RPG, and the license to make and sell expired in 2005.

Unless Reaper and White wolf set up a new licensing agreement, you'll have to scour evilbay and other resale sites if you want more.

WW recently had a Kickstarter for Exalted Third Edition, so the idea is not beyond the pale.

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Yeah, but from an answer ReaperBryan posted in his AMA thread recently I understand that they're not interested in licensing deals.

And really, from what I have heard, those can be a pain in the...


Now they have full creative freedom. In a licensing deal, everything would have to be approved by the other part. That's time--consuming, frustrating and yeah...

There's issues with launch dates... "You can't announce or sell that mini before we release the scenario, and that has been delayed for a year"...

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Reaper Mini?


Probably, and there's a fair chance I assigned that code.


Back before the Games Quarterly Catalog was started, there were many game distributors and each distributor had its own code for each manufacturer. These had a fair amount of commonality, but there were enough differences to drive the people who ordered product for stores crazy. When Mark started the GQC, he added "Standard Manufacturer Codes" to the book.


These started out as being codes that were common to as many distributors as possible (to limit disruption), and I can't recall how standardized they actually were in the first book. In the end, though, we set up a single three-letter code for each company. Then, as new manufacturers came into the market, we (which, since we were very small, meant "I") would give them codes. Some of these were obvious, but they couldn't be the same as any other manufacturer, so some of them were rather less so.


IIRC, Reaper started selling to distributors after I was responsible for the system, so that might well be the standard code I assigned. (It's long enough ago that I can't be at all sure.)

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