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DungeonScapes by Dustin


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About this project

With more than 25 years experience with ALL things gaming related, from old console gaming, to board games, to table top style RPG; we believe that this is what sets us apart from everyone else. It is that kind of passion for gaming that makes our product stand out from the rest.  

All our sets are legally licensed and backed by Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.


 This is our most basic starter set for anyone seeking to optimize their gaming experience. Each set has the option to either be unpainted or painted in our custom color scheme of Ash Grey. With our pieces being painted by hand no two pieces are identical. All of our sets are made for gamers by gamers so we know what it takes to make any table top adventure exhilarating and fun; to this cause we labor to bring life to YOUR adventure.


 The flexibility of the modular system is to provide ease and comfort all the while adding depth and style to any campaigners adventures. The doors come with a drag-and-drop feature for the easy customization of any encounter. The walls, floors, and hallways can all be placed in any fashion the designer chooses.


 The luxury of any modular set is the ability to replay any adventure time and time again without investing additional money into resources and our sets can allow you to do that. You can easily remove one room from the board and reassemble it as a hallway or additional room as players move thru the dungeon. The basic set may be sufficient enough to get the job done, however, larger more elaborate campaigns may require two or three sets to complete the task.


 *Please note that all our measurements are in inches. And all our sets are painted for free*


Add On Section


 Advanced Hallway Add On ($45 USD)

This add on includes  

Two "L" Hallway Pieces

Two "T" Hallway Pieces

 Two 3x3 Hallway Pieces

Basic Hallway Add On ($40 USD)

This add on includes

 Four 2x3 Hallway Pieces

 Four 3x3 Hallway Pieces 

Specialty Add On ($50 USD)
This add on includes  

Two Stairways

Two Hallway Sconces 2 x 3

Eight Room Wall Sconces 2 x 1 1/2

Two Sewer Grate Hallways 2 x 3

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They just sent out the Backerkit for their last KS.. so I'm not sure why they are running another yet


Wow. Just when I thought I knew why it's a bad idea one should use caution to back First Created (or, rather, First Successfully Funded) projects...


Could be because of economy of scale. Another miniatures project ran dissimilar miniatures back-to-back, but since the casting process was the same, the creator did the casting for both projects at the same time. 


But it could also be poor project planning. I've seen Ponzi Projects, where the funds of one project were raised to pay for the previous one. However, these weren't back-to-back projects.

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