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03644 Skeletal Dragon & Canine Remains (Wyrd)


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here are my pics from my Wyrd Iron Painter round two entry ("Better off (Un)dead" theme). I called it "Fetch". It started off with just the canine remains and some miscellaneous bones and then I thought what if they were attached... and then of course I thought I have that skeletal dragon I original got for a terrain piece but couldn't bear to muck up to fit... voila, three dogs worrying at a really big bone pile was born lol







and a close up of the dragon treasure hoard and all - I made it separate so that I can take him off the diorama and use him in games etc Also my not so subtle nod to the company with the 'gold ingot' made from a sprue, stamped with the company name. ^_^





WIP thread: here

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The colors pop well!  I didn't realize the canines were decaying.  The scene's coming together well though.

thanks :)


I know they don't look as good in the picture :( I wish I could have taken better photos but oh well. They're still better than my very first camera phone ones lol

I think quite a few people paint the dogs like they're all fur, but I thought they looked better with some fur and some skin. Unfortunately it's really hard to get fur right. One of my major goals in life is getting perfect fur lol Just gotta keep trying!

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