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Bronze Age miniatures to produce Death Dealer figures.


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David's post:

"Ok, So I didn't want to be that guy that gives news and couldn't produce results. Those who know me I have been a fan of Frank Frazetta since I was about 9 years old looking at the Molly Hatchet record covers at K Mart. I wasn't sure who he was till I was older and by then I was hooked. So no longer in the shadows do I have to do my Death Dealer miniatures, I have the Frazetta contract signed and in hand. The contract as it stands right now is to do 7 Death Dealer miniatures fully licensed. I have the first 5 sculpted and the first production mold of Death Dealer #1 finished. We have had all of the original sculpts approved by Frank Jr and Lori Frazetta.
We just need to get the remaining molds done and the packaging approved and they will be available.
They will be for sale to begin with from The Frazetta Museum, both on the site and the actual museum as well as on our site and eventually those who are distributers. Here are photos of the first. and I will have more of the others as we have the molds done and working.
We hope to have them ready to go by the end of April.
they are 32mm, all of them will be multiple part pewter castings with a resin base."

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Awesome! I met Jim Silke at SDCC a few years back. Got a signed sketchbook from him and chatted a while. Back then I asked him if they ever considered a Death Dealer movie and he said it was too much of a hassle. He doesn't get enough credit for Death Dealer. I love Frazetta's work and even have one of his limited DD statues on my bookshelf but Jim is Gath's daddy. Frank just gave him a badass look.

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I want this as a mini!!


Death Dealer squirrel on battlefrog (huge pic)


I have this pic as my phone lock screen, along with my cover page on 'book. Love it!

I think I want that hanging over my fireplace!!



I want that as a 54mm mini!!!!


It strikes me as more the sort of thing you have done as a giant bronze statue placed in the most conspicuous part of your entry way. Or.. perhaps as a topiary.. ooh..

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I pre-ordered mine weeks ago...
As for a Giant statue, look for 3 Corps Death Dealer, FT Hood TX, and see one!

The day that I arrived at Hood, the post newspaper had the pic on the front page, saying that the "Phantom Corps" had just been granted the rights to use the image as a symbol...
I got there in 1986, the statue was unveiled in 2011 (?)
Still have my copy of the paper, and the promotional poster. ..


Went and got a pic...




Original post from my phone...

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      I finished Ape-X this evening, I figure he'll go well with the mad scientist group of figures that I'm slowly working on. His base was warped pretty badly, and even boiling it didn't help, so I chopped it off and rebased him on a resin base that looks like a wrecked lab.
      Like most of my stuff, he's painted for tabletop; I hope you like him.





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      I knocked out some random pieces of scenery last night. Everything was washes and dry brushing.
       I  hope you like them.
      First up is a heavily damaged Jersey barrier made by Secret Weapon miniatures.  


      Next are 2 grave stones from craft store Halloween village sets. The one on the left I repainted then did washing and drybrushing. The one on the right i intentionally did a sloppy job of painting so that some of the original colors were still visible, then i weathered it like the other one.


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      It's nothing spectacular,  but it'll look good on the table.


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      This is actually a 54mm miniature; it was made by GW for their long OOP Inquisitor game. It came as a pet/sidekick for the mutant character Quovandius.
      I got the pair of them for $1.50 at a store clearance sale. While going through boxes the other day, I found the rat, but not the other figure. I decided the rat would make an excellent mad scientists experiment, so I painted it up. Please let me know what you think.




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      This an old D&D miniatures Bonded Fire Summoner that I cleaned up the basic paintjob it came with. This was mostly done to knock out something quick to get back into painting. Basic tabletop.
      Lots of dust, I really need to clean out the lightbox....



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