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Halfling Militia Rooster Riders by TAG

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The Fund Goal.


Please help TAG launch its range of Halfling Militia Rooster Riders, by backing our latest campaign, here on Chickstarter!


To Fund this expansion of the White Knights Miniature Imperium, we are looking to raise £500 to help us to bring these 16 new miniatures to life. This poultry sum covers the cost of the production moulding of the 8 new packs of new 28mm sized, pewter miniatures.



I backed TAGs last KS for their Dwarves which went nice and smoothly and has delivered to everybody before the due day (last few shipments just going out but they'll be in peoples hands before June which was the target)


The minis were well cast and nice and characterful


so if you need some Halfling chicken riders (or just some riding chickens) or some of their existing Halfling militia on foot which can also be selected as a reward get your pledging card out and jump in

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They look very characterful indeed.


I backed TAG's Tudor, Valois and Hapsburg KS because I thought the figures looked terrific and I really wanted their figures of Tudor royalty. Unfortunately it didn't fund. ::(:


This one doesn't look like it's having that problem.

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