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This is a little further progress.  I painted her necklace and cross gold, her rosary silver, and I added a lot of other colors to her habit. (And I realized her pointing finger was off so I bent it down a tad.)



Then I painted her face and hands.


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Development of different colored highlights and shadows.


Highlights in a soft blue-grey and shadows in a translucent dull red-violet mixed from Mars Red and Phthalo Blue.



Modeling worked up with a neutral grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, lightened with Titanium White.

post-8022-0-03309500-1467678238.jpg post-8022-0-35681400-1467678247.jpg




Then I glazed a deep near-black made from Phthalo Blue and Burnt Umber over the entire dress.  This pattern of building up highlights in one color and then glazing them darker with a different color is pretty common in my paintings.

post-8022-0-62867300-1467678271.jpg post-8022-0-84288700-1467678280.jpg


I painted her ruler a dull, gungy yellow mixed from mostly Yellow Oxide and Burnt Umber and Titanium White.  There may be a few other browns and black mixed in here and there.

post-8022-0-72605200-1467678298.jpg post-8022-0-39387200-1467678308.jpg


Picking out the deepest shadows in a glaze of Carbon Black and Phthalo Blue.  By this time there are a lot of different layered colors.  They are a little easier to see in the close-up.

post-8022-0-47374600-1467678443.jpg post-8022-0-20437600-1467678457.jpg



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    • By Rigel
      While going on my Midlam cultist and puritan bender, I knew I would regret not getting these holy sisters from differently-sized misters. They fit perfectly into the setting. I also figured it was the perfect time to drybrush up a cheap craft-store Halloween decoration (double discounted as it was broken inside the package. Statuary with extra cracks? that's a feature, not a bug!)
      So the abbey has a statue of "the chiefest and greatest of terrorf, which is KING DEATH" gracing its cemetery. 

      Here's the Abbess herself, Mother Superior. I'm afraid she has a rather severe strabismus, and I'll pretend that was on purpose. 

      And here is Sister Pancake, a name taken in humility (she is a bit of a short stack). Played around with lighting focus on this one.
      I'm happy with the Mignola-inspired framing on this one.

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      This is the plastic bulldog model from Bones 4 Chronoscope with a head swap from the sheriff in that set. Really simple paint job largely based on contrast paint. Fluorescent yellow features are done using vallejo mecha colour paint. 
      The idea is to use this chap in Stargrave and other skirmish games. The intention was for him to be unarmed, ie in a walker that had been used for defence or mischief and didn't have ant armaments. 

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      Painted her up last weekend at the RVE for class. Now this is definitely not my best paint job, far from it. Nor is it a creative colour scheme - it is exactly as given in class. Still, Sascha is one of the minis I am proudest of.
      You see, I am a really slow painter. When I paint a mini, it usually takes forever. Even for my "get-it-off-my-desk-quality" I need more than a week to finish just the painting.
      Not with her I didn't! All painting was done during the one hour class (except prepping and varnishing, of course).When the Zoom feed ended I put down my brushes. I didn't correct any mistakes I found later. And I won't.
      This class was a game changing experience for me. Thanks, Tish Wolter, for making that happen!
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      Hello all you Reaper people!
      So, Bones V will be hopefully arriving in the next few months, and one thing I told myself was that before I got my package, I wanted to finish the smaller Yephima sculpt before the new and larger Yephima shows up at my door.  I really love both versions, and I just wish this Yephima would be available in metal.
      I tried painting her already years ago, started even a WIP in the forum, which I'd have to hunt down. My original thought was make her a very, dark dusky color and blonde hair with pinks and oranges, but at one point my inspiration went awry and I stopped painting her probably to be an eternal WIP.  But then a few years later, I got a new copy and this one I did more sky blue and blonde, but it doesn't look as pinkish as I originally had thought.  I also think I made my metals way too blue, but oh well. I actually enjoyed painting this lady to the degree that I could see myself painting her again with a different color scheme. One of the other benefits of Bones is the cost, I can grab a new one quickly for around 7.00, so that's also a nice Bones bonus!
      Anyhoos, here she is:

      With such a big model, after taking photos, I can see so many glaring issues, but oh well, not going to let myself worry about it too much and will rather maybe go back and paint her up gain some day, incorporating a few fixes. 
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      From left to right; 50279 Malvernis Soldier, 50278 Rach Soldier and 50287, Cain the Cyber-Troll.

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