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Pingo assays 03681: Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire

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Reaper started on the 3600 numbers in 2012, so I think she might date to around 2013. 


I like where you're going with the colors. 

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Reaper started on the 3600 numbers in 2012, so I think she might date to around 2013. 


I like where you're going with the colors.


Clearly I am no expert.

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I took a break to paint up some Old School lead minis, but I'm back now.


I worked on her face. 


I made the mistake the last time I painted a vampire of using a little warm brown to shade the skin.  That's how I discovered that the presence of even a tiny bit of brown fools the eye into seeing a healthy skin tone.


This one I have painted entirely in pure shades of white and grey (sorry for the blurriness on the second photo).

post-8022-0-70608800-1465163067.jpg post-8022-0-47639700-1465163159.jpg


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Washed some transparent Quinacridone Crimson right over her underpainted skirts.  All the Burnt Umber still shows through.

post-8022-0-86751700-1467729307.jpg post-8022-0-36045200-1467729315.jpg

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Love the crimson!  Turning into a really cool vampire . . . just make sure she doesn't sparkle in the sun.   ::P:

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Yep those eyes make her an adorable vampire!

Edited by Xherman1964
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I laid some Interference Violet and Interference Blue over her armor. 


These pigments are made from microscopic flakes of mica which have been coated with carefully calibrated thicknesses of Titanium White pigment, which in molecule-thin layers acts like an iridescent oil film does on a puddle.


The color shines from some angles and is invisible from others, depending on the lighting.


The effect is striking in person, although a little difficult to photograph.  I tried various angles and lighting configurations to see if I could bring it across.

post-8022-0-23553400-1467904824.jpg post-8022-0-38996900-1467904860.jpg




I then touched up the reds.  There are places where her cloak shows that I missed.  Mostly I was using blends and layers of Red Oxide for opacity and fire and Quinacridone Magenta for intensity and depth.  I painted reflections of her cloak on her shield.


I also varied the lighting here to show the iridescent effects.

post-8022-0-66166200-1467905005.jpg post-8022-0-72325800-1467905020.jpg


post-8022-0-37843200-1467905057.jpg post-8022-0-70668400-1467905064.jpg


The last thing I did was glaze some pure Phthalo Green into the shadows.  Normally this in an intensely bright blueish green, but it is also perfectly transparent and thus provides some real depth in shadows on reds.

post-8022-0-58003500-1467905165.jpg post-8022-0-98577900-1467905171.jpg


post-8022-0-46845300-1467905178.jpg post-8022-0-56779200-1467905185.jpg



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      Unknown female vampire figure I picked up in a boxed game set.  Can't remember the exact name or manufacturer.  Box art showed them in purple, I wanted to explore other colors.  I see her as the kind of vampire that likes to play with her food and enjoys a bit of lively sport. I have 2 of her sisters to do in other colors. 

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      I thought it interesting how very different a sculpt can look depending on how you paint it.











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