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Mierce Miniatures - Mighty Monsters


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Hard to believe but Mierce have their next project up and running.





Why is it hard to believe?

Because I'm waiting on products from 7 unfinished Mierce kickstarters

Which projects are you waiting on? According to Mierce there are only 6 projects outstanding. My own personal feeling is that I would never back a company with this many outstanding projects, but I realize I seem to be in the minority here.


From the Risks and Challenges section of Mierces latest kickstarter:

"Risks and challenges


With nine highly successful Kickstarter projects concluded, three of which having fulfilled 100% of its rewards (Darklands: a World of War, Darklands: Monstrous Mounts and BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters), two more 95% through (Darklands: First Edition and Darklands: First Edition II) and the remaining three (Darklands: New Kindreds, Darklands: Metal Age and BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux) in various states of progress, we believe this project has virtually no risks attached to it. Just ask the backers from our previous projects, many of whom believe they were the finest Kickstarter projects they had ever been involved in!"

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Gaaak! That Thuulac crab beast is creepy. I want it. Won't pay $120 for it though :(


If you back during the Kickstarter it is only around $90 (actually maybe a tiny bit better because the dollar is fairly strong against the pound sterling). Still a very expensive model. Personally I love the giant skeleton and glowing plant monster.


I can understand not wanting to pay for something a year in advance of getting it, but hey that is Kickstarter.


I too share Beagle's concerns over the Kickstarter business model in the long term. I don't think it is sustainable as an ongoing company. It is great for companies that have big projects like games or movies. I really hope that Mierce gets enough success with the rulebook and some starter sets that include metal (to keep the buy in cost more reasonable) that they can start selling retail a bit and slow down the pace of the Kickstarter expansion. There needs to be a firmer foundation for a stable company. They also need a way to speed up production if they manage to grow a bit.


I really really hope it works out because I've invested a lot in the miniatures after being skeptical in the beginning. Granted most of the things I've gotten can do double duty between the Darklands game and D&D roleplaying. Plus I have some amazing models for painting. I am careful now to try not to buy things closer to when they are sculpted and about to be cut off from Kickstarter backers, as it shortens the wait window and reduces my risk if they go bankrupt. Not that I know anything about their finances. It's just the Maelstrom history plus the Kickstarter business model raise valid concerns.

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I have no problem with paying for something I'll get in a year. But I have a problem backing a project when the creator has 6 projects that have not completely been fulfilled. I also have a problem when I get the impression that regular Kickstarters are the only thing that keeps a company that should be an established company by now running. It looks like the new Kickstarter is also meant to finance fulfilling the old ones.

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