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Two Championships, One Prize Painter! A WiP Thread.

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So, I come before you with a Challenging Dilemma. I was Commissioned by a representative of the European branch of the D&D Minis Guild to provide a couple of prizes for their Championships in August, as well as a couple of minis needed by that individual for personal use. About a month ago, I was contacted by someone from the North American Branch to do the same thing for theirs! So, my dilemma is this, how do I do both groups justice in the time I have left? Due to Shipping times, I need the European items ready to go by late June at least. That means I'll have time to at least finish the NA Items. But, unfortunately, that means I will not be a part of the Summer Exchange this year.


So, As this is a WIP Thread, I am of course posting pics of my work so far;) hear they are...






First up is King Snuure, the Fire Giant King! He has one of the best Sculpts of the early DDM Run and catches a lot of the Flavor of the Iconic NPC, including a Cloak made from a White Dragon's Hide! Been wanting to repaint him for ages and finally the time has come.





The Human Paladin from the Icons of the Realms first set. The DDM Guild has been releasing stats for the WizKids Line recently and the Pally here is a pretty good piece for the Skirmish game. I painted one for GenCon last year. This one is going to the European Champs.





Snig the Axe here. Never did find out if Snig is the Goblin or the Weapon he weilds:P But its a cool little guy and has details i did not notice til now.





The Feymire Crocodile. Part Reptile, Part Plant all Sorts of Nasty! Not the best Stats in the Game, but an awesome mini sculpt and a seriously BAD Stock paint job. I'm fixing that with my repaint. Just base coats and the start of Shading here, but already leaps and bounds beyond what it used to look like!


So far so good. But I still have several more to work on that I cannot reveal quite yet. Any Constructive Comments are welcome.



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Update: So I've had time to work on these minis and my Spring Exchange Mini. So, here are the pics....






The Paladin has had a few minor details added.







The Feymire Crocodile is very nearly done. A few details and it is ready.



The Cloaker Ambusher was from one of the last WotC Designed sets and had a very bright and colorful paint job for something that is supposed to HIDE and BE STEALTHY! ::P:  I made it  a more subdued combination of Purple and Violet. It also is nearly done.



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Human Pally is nearly done. A few more details and it is ready.





KIng Snuure is coming along nicely, too. a few touch ups and base work and he is ready too.





The Cloaker is done apart from sealing it.



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I gotta ask.  On your King Snuure repaint.
​did you strip it clean first? and if so How?

​Did you do the same to the Paladin? 

Edited by Bane Of Humanity

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Bane of Humanity,

No Stripping happened for either mini. I have heard several contradicting reports of various cleaning liquids being used for such purposes but I do not recall any of them at this time. For most of these minis I used Vallejo black surface primer directly over the existing slightly rubbery paint, then painted over that with mostly reaper paints. I have found that very few of the D&D Minis line had the kind of details that would be greatly obscured by the stock paintjob to the degree that stripping the paint was worth attempting. But, while those few that did have those details and paint jobs that obscured them have not been ones I have personally desired to paint so far, I can see it being an important thing to those that would do that. I'll see if I can find any info on that subject at any of the usual D&D minis sites I frequent.



Due to computer trouble, I have been distracted. But I got a bunch of painting done earlier tonight. King Snurre and the Paladin are nearly ready and the crocadile and cloaker will soon be sealed. Also, I have short listed my GenCon options! The most recent D&D Minis set's Displacer Beast, the Newest Chimera, a Half-Orc Paladin and a Mystery Miniature to be revealed later.



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So, Updates. The European Championship Repaints are done apart from Sealing. I've Started the rest of the NA Championship Repaints with the Displacer Beast being the furthest along.
















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So, Updates. Been busy over the last couple weeks. First, I had to reinstall my LapTops OS. That took a while. Then got distracted by a Local Convention, Sci-Fi Valley Con. Enjoyed going to that. Also, Finished the Minis for the European Champs and sent them to the Organizer for it. More progress has been made on the Displacer Beast and the other minis are started. And to top it all off, My FLGS had its 20th Anniversary on Int.Tabletop Day! AND Made a Huge Announcement there that They will be moving into a New, Bigger Location soon!!!! So, I'm hoping that after the move, I might be able to get a monthly or so Paint Day started now that there will be room for it! So yeah stuff happened.


As for this thread, I'll be taking some pictures and posting them soon of progress since last time.



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So, progress. The Displacer Beast is done and Sealed. I had to rethink the Chimera and Primer my Back-Up plan, just in case. the other minis are slowly improving but not enough that I want to show them yet. Snig the Axe is getting pretty close to done though and I may be showing him off soon. The Half-Orc Paladin is proving difficult due to the Cloak, mainly. It is too close the rest of the body to paint under it easily, but just far enough away that I cannot ignore the underside since it is easily visable from several common angles! I'm not sure how to remove it without damaging the rest of the mini, either. So I'm deciding on a Medium Sized Back-Up plan too!


Anywho, here are the Pictures of the Displacer Beast!







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So, After realizing that there were a limited amount of Recent Medium Minis that I had ideas for, I went with a Back up Plan that was Large sized. With the other Large Back up plan, I'll be sending 3 Large minis and one Small mini to GenCon. The new choices are the Bulette and the Efreet! The Bulette has a cool Leaping from the Earth Beneath vibe to it and the Efreet is on a Flying base and has some cool use of Transparent Plastic, too.








The Bulette is first. Not Done by a long shot, but progress has been made. I had thought about a Lava Base similar to King Snurre, but decided against it in the end. I chose against it due to the following Mini...The Efreet!









Yes I know his Sword is all Wonky but I have a Plan to replace it with a Better Option! Maybe some of you can guess what effect I'm going for on my Efreet?



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So I promised Pictures and here they are...






Snig the Axe is nearly done. A few finishing touches and I can seal him.










So, I went to my FLGS, Gatehouse Games, yesterday to have a day to paint without distractions and am I glad I did! The Owner, Tim Gatehouse, was very helpful with this mini in particular. Tim's knowledge of various unusual types of Paint was very useful. I did not know much about "Technical" Paints apart from Crackle types. He was able to help me with some Earth/Dirt Technical Paint that is made with a bit of Grit in it for use with ground type bases, primarily. We used it to take some of the Smooveness on this minis base and Flying dirt and make it more believable. Also, got a good tip from him to try using some Verdigris on the Shell parts too. All done now with him. Sealed and everything!



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So, this project is DONE!!! Almost:(







Snig the Axe is looking really AWESOME!










The Efreet is nearly done. Only a couple small touch ups left. Due to the lack of time left for this project to get done by, I had to  abandon the replacement of the Sword and just try to fix it as best I could. I am glad the paint job came out as well as it did, though.



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