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Sally Starfield WIP


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After pledging for both campaigns, I have finally gotten my first Bombshell mini (sculpted by Patrick Keith) to the painting table.




I really like the combo of purple and green. It is also giving me a chance to practice another color of NMM. I am thinking I will use blue to pic out the seam details between the purple plates and green cloth. Still undecided about doing the jet pack in NMM purple or a more traditional NMM steel or similar.

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looks great, will you be giving her her space helmet?


Good question. She didn't come with one, but I may try to figure something out.


I'm pretty sure one of the bombshell helmets fits on her collar, but I don't know if it is the r8 or r10



Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

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More progress on the purple parts of her suit. I decided to go ahead and do the jetpack in the same purple NMM. I'm still unsure of which color to use for the trim on her suit. Right now, I'm torn between a bright blue, a warm grey, or an orange type color. Thoughts?


post-7750-0-51407200-1462370192_thumb.jpg post-7750-0-35407400-1462370191_thumb.jpg


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