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Scale 75 and Reaper Master Series

paint pig

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Thanks for your input guys, I figured ordering the complete set was going to save me over time and I haven't been going toooooo crazy on figures in the last 12 months so the readies were on hand.


Bought two Malifaux boxes and two Smart Max figures for the Princely sum of $20 today at a bring and buy so some nicely sculpted figures to test my new paints on when they arrive.... yeah babeeee.


Malifaux: Lady Justice and Lilith sets.

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Looks like the Scale Color set and a set of Inktensity?


Metallics next!




Yep, you got it. Metallic's are the loose pots, to the side 4 x white and 4 x yellow (couldn't justify the full sets) and I already have the full copper set, so's I'm done other than a couple of my fave Reaper triads (I kept all my HD series) and loose pots  which I found were my essentials for horses and a few odds and ends.

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I have been using the Alchemies quite a bit recently myself, and also been exploring colors in the Fantasy and Games line...


Just take your time thinning them! They are much different than any other line of paint I have ever used! and the metallics and F&G are different from the Scale color!


And Agitators are an absolute must (IMHO) with these!



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