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The Graveyard Angel is done & awaiting some fancy photos for the Show Off Section...with my ability to take "fancy Photos, this could take some time. SO, rather than keep you waiting, building up expectations that I won't be able to match, here she is wandering around the painting table:
...life from a Mushrooms point of view:
For the forthcoming aforementioned fancy photos, I got The Graveyard of St Lascivious ready for some photographic fun & foul language for those un familiar with it, here it is:
...keep an eye open for tomorrow's Show Off post...or not.

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***But is that tombstone trying to look up her dress?????****


Thanks, George. I'm glad you love her....her working conditions have The Girl stressed out.


Dead Fred is behaving himself...i would have had his tongue sticking out otherwise.

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 She walks like an Angel...Talks like an Angel, But I got Wise...She's a Devil in disguise....


Love it!


Things aren't always what they seem. The wings are a give away...it's Buzzard Babe!

Thanks, X.! I'm happy you love her...she looks starved for affection...sort of.

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Absolutely awesome. So much I like about this one including the contrast the black wings provides.


Thanks for the kind reply, KruleBear...it is appreciated. 

The black wing may be the inducement to doing her in the linen white.


I was snapping away at the Graveyard, producing some truly forgetable images. Here's a preview; The Angel vs St. Lascivious:


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