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May 2016 Hobby/Paint Goals

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Since a few people are already posting their May goals, I figured I might as well start the thread. May begins over the weekend anyhow.


My goals:

  • Work on "Lenore vs Shimmer" Vignette
  • Work on "The Chase" Vignette
  • Work on "The Necro Tree" Vignette
  • See about slapping some paint on my Ares 54mm Draco barbarian finally.
  • Some speed paints tabletop stuff for our new short campaign which includes:
    • Ranger and Wolf - DONE!
    • Dwarf Paladin - DONE!
    • Tiefling Bard - will need to add horns to the figure I have
    • Half-elf Wizard - need to pick one out
    • Human Warlock - need to pick one out


What are YOUR goals for the hobby?

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Work on my Dragon for Reapercon.  It doesn't have to be finished but I should be somewhere in the adding highlights or deepening shadows area. 

and the scenic base should be constructed, and moving towards the final stages. 


meeting the painting challenge goals of 5 other figures. 

Bones 2 faerie with wings, dwarf with 2-handed sword and cool helmet, chess-piece paladin 

Bones 1: Devona this time painted as wizard.

painting at least one from either "Heronies in Sensible Shoes" or Stonehaven's Halflings. both scheduled arrivals? for May.   

Finalize my reaper KS3 pledge. 

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Really wanted to make May terrain month, but in order to get in more Frostgrave, Malifaux, 40k and WHF games.... I really need to get a move on our armies/miniatures!

Anyway, so here's where I'm at:


  • Terrain - finishing "Portal" piece
  • working on son's army - Ghostark for his Necrons, DONE! and 5 Immortals (Built)
  • new Wyrd model (for contest) DONE!
  • RATS!!! Finally finally starting some of my Skaven Giant Rats, and hopefully ordering the reaper Barrow Rats, cuz they're just too cool
  • Malifaux models: Pigapult & 3 Piglets (Built, need to paint)
  • Hopefully building an actual board, on which to put terrain pieces
  • 5 more Luna Wolves, and a Rhino (Built, primed, first basecoat; Built about to be Primed!)
  • also hopefully getting time to sort through stuffs and really get a good idea of how to get what I want done, actually, you know, done.
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Haven't done one in a while. But let's have a go:


1) Paint on the Savannah at least twice a week.

2) IMEF Sargent, Nick Stone

3) Danar, Assassin

4) One video on painting (have no figure targeted yet; might be one of the above).

5) Solidify a ReaperCon figure plan

6) Fully sketch out a custom CAV to build up

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April was, well, distracted. Hopefully May will be better.


My goals for April May:

  • Work on my 54mm orc shaman.
  • Finish at least one other miniature. Done! One Talisman hobgoblin finished.
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April was definitely a crazy month for me too! Here's to time in May for hobbies!


- Finish sculpting big deer for my mother-in-law (in time for Mother's Day)

- Sculpt some small items for the Box of Goodwill

- Sew a dress for summer!

- Complete lesson 3 of my art class 

- Artist Trading Card

- Paint a military babe and a silly space pug for my brother-in-law's birthday (first week of June)

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Well this is the end of the semester and I am super busy for the first two weeks of the month. So I will probably just do the mandatory minimum again. This month I think it will be 5.

BUT I do plan to start something more ambitious for June. That way I may make the most of my time off. I also want to get the local painter's group meeting regularly during the break.



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My goal is not really hobby related, but I have some work to finish on a laundry room I'm expanding in my house.  After that, it's clean up my paint area, so I can actually paint again.  Hopefully that will be done in may. 


If I get something done, I hope to paint 2-5 minis this month.  Probably a H&F Dwarf or two, or more Pathfinder Bones minis. 


I have many irons in the fire right now.

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My May goals are to ...
Take photos of all my minis I have painted since last updating my WIP page (Lots)
Paint and base 5 new minis from the original Bones Set

Finish 5 nearly completed, half painted minis from original Bones Set

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For May, my goals are all related to painting chibi figures primarily from the Arcadia Quest core box/guildmaster set with some projects from Ninja All Stars.

- Finish painting Smiley Faceless

- Finish painting Koba

- Finish painting Kitsune & Tora Kaiken (test models)

- Paint Tanchyo Kunoichi

- Paint 8 AQ orcs

- Finish chibi cat sculpt

- Paint chibi cat ^

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